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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Japanese Kunei Students Help at Open Night

2010's Japanese exchange students helping out at NPGHS open evening. They enjoyed trying the hangi on offer and look beautiful in their Yukata - Thanks girls...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Skiing Holiday

On holiday !! I have been to Mt. Ruapehu..... My host family took me there for skiing but I dont know how to ski, so he took me to go to the lesson. That was a very nice day. The weather was very wonderful not too hot or too cold. There were a lot of people. It's far from my homestay about 3 hours drive. My host Dad drove a car, me and mom just slept haha. We went out from home at 5:48am and arrived at the MT. at 8:16am. At 3:50pm we were out of there and arrived
home at 19:00pm. That is my beautiful day on holiday.
Bamboo Yr 10

My Birthday in the Holidays

On the last day of the holiday it was my birthday. My friend Victoria gave me a birthday present and a birthday Card, and we went to town to have fun. First we went to a Chinese Restaurant to have our lunch. Then we went the to The Cinema to watch a movie. We had one big box of pop corn, coke and an ice cream each. We watched Shrek 3D. It was a about Shrek and a bad man who wants to be a king. I had a great time watching the movie.
Bingying Year 9

Last holiday

Last holiday I watched a movie during the holidays. The name was 'Knight&Day'.The stars that played in the movie were Tom Cruiz and Cameron Diaz. The story was about Cameron Diaz who was just a normal person and her sister was going to have a wedding so she was going to meet her sister. But in the airport she met a guy. The guy was her type so she liked him but, later on she knew that he was not the kind of guy she thought. He was a spy. The spy was Tom Cruiz and he had a really important thing that he stole from the nation. So Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruiz tried to keep it safe from the bad guys. And they fell in love. The important thing had exploded because it wasn't made properly. At last, they proved how much they loved each other. It was happy ending.
Lunar year9

Rainbows End

In my holiday I went to auckland to Rainbows End with my cousins. We went on every ride it was really fun, my boy cousin was afraid but we made him sit on one ride. I also went on the new ride. All the rides were really good. I had a really exciting holiday with my cousins. The best of all was when I went on the fear fall. It was like falling from the sky like a bird.

Dolly yr9


Last holiday, I went to the movie theater and watched the Eclipse' movie.This movie was very interesting. It was talking about vampires, the love of Edward-a vampire and Bella-a human. She wants him to change her life to become a vampire but he does not want to. He wants to protect her because he loves her. I went with my friend, we had fun and I liked it.
Linh Yr 11

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to new students

Welcome! Our new International students arrived safely from Spain, U.S.A. and Germany. We hope you have a great time here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hi everyone.
I am now in England in a little place called Ledbury.
its a really cool place. The buildings are very old and are black and white.
there is one pub that was built in 1600 and people still use it.
It is in the county called Hereford and is close to Wales.

During the weekend i was in London and i went to lots of interesting places .
The British Museum, Th e victoria and Albert Museum and the Globe theatre.
iI rode on a double decker bus and walked for miles..........
The weather is really warm. How is it in New Zealand?

I will put some pictures in next week when i can find a computer to work with...
In the mean time see if you can find the places i have talked about????
Till next time.....

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hi everyone..I am in Malaysia and getting ready to board the plane for Paris. Kuala Lumpar was warm and wet and very enjoyable. I didn't do too much shopping but i saw the famous Petronus Twin Towers. They are huge and very beautiful.
Next stop Paris if i survive 14 hours and 34 minutes in a plane........

Ms Blackwell is a very tired traveller....