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Monday, May 27, 2013


Hello I'm YU
Last week we went to th TOPEC. We did the mud run, bridge swing, climb mountain, river, kayak etc...
I was in group 2. They were 9 people in my group. And they were 6 people in my cabin.
That was so fun. I want to go once more.


Hi!I am Annu.
I went to TOPEC last week.
I did mud run.
I think mud run is a dirty activity.
But I enjoyed TOPEC:P
Because I made new KIWI FRIENDS^^
I loooooooove them.
Because they are so kind and funny.
I especially like  my group member.
Bridge swing is so SCARY!
But so FUN:)
I want to do one more.


May 5th~10th
I went to TOPEC and I did the mud run, bridgeswing, kayak, climbing etc...
They  were so fun (especially bridgeswing ;P)
But I thought I'd die because it was very cold when I went into the river and fell out of the kayak.
and......... I played with kiwi friends !!!!!!!!! I was so glad I had a good time!!!!!!
by Shigeka

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Story

I looked at the snow on the mountains and it was so amazing! I have never seen the snow before, because in Rosario we don't have snow, only once but it was a little bit and it happened when I wasn't born. I think the snow is something wonderful and beautiful.

Also we don't have sea in Rosario, we only have rivers, when I looked at the sea it was something beautiful with her shells and her waves lit up from the sun. I think NZ is a really beautiful place. I remember in Argentina I had a dog called Chiche. It's a black dog with a little bit of white colour on his neck. I remember the first time when I got him. He was a little puppy and reaaly small like my hand. I was 6 or 7 years old and my Dad brought the dog from his work and the puppy was in a box.I will never forget the moment when I supported my dog Chiche.

Rosario is a really, really hot place in summer. In the afternoon I remember, you can't stay in the street because the temperature is too hot, like about 40 degrees. I prefer cold not hot places.

In Argentina I went to school in the afternoon from 1-5pm, we only have 5 hours of school and here is about 6 hours and 40 minutes. In NZ school is really fun and bigger than my old school. I was really bored at my old school. I didn't have really good friends so I want to learn English quickly to understand everything!

When I came from the school in Argentina we had dinner at 10pm and we went to sleep at 11 or 12pm. Now it is so different we have dinner at 7 or 8pm and I go to sleep at 9pm, well sometimes 10pm. It's not easy to sleep early because in Argentina I went to school in the afternoons.

Also in Argentina the temperature is so different. If we have a rainy day, we never have sun quickly or if it's a nice and sunny day without clouds we never have rain. Usually we have rain about 2-3 days and then sunny days.

In NZ it rains very much, everytime the sun comes quickly, I really like NZ it's a really beautiful place and I love it!

by Paula

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Myself, My Culture Presentation - Japan

Take a look at the 'Myself, My Culture' presentation from Term 1, well done to you all. The display boards are in the library - please go and see them, they all look wonderful.

Friday, May 10, 2013

New Life in New Zealand

Hell! I'm Akiho. I'm from JAPAN. My first weeks, I met host family. I went to New Plymouth Girl's High School. It was very big and I was surprised. I had ESOL. Esol is very difficult for me because it was all English. I made Origami and I read books. I had an interview. My first day I went to the beach. It was very beautiful! I met many teachers .I ate lunch in the international room. I enjoyed swimming sports day. I enjoyed althletic sports day. Classes are very difficult. ESOL, English, Math, Social Science, Science...And I had a parade and I wore my Yukata. It was very fun!! Now I have joined Badminton club. I like to play badminton, so I enjoy it every time. I like New Zealand :)because New Zealand is very beautiful. My host family is kind! My host sisters are kind too! I went camping with my host family by bus .I went camping three times. I saw many beautiful New Zealand natures. I enjoyed it :) I visited Auckland, Cambridge and Rotorua. I want to visit Wellington. I had school assembly. I met my Kun-ei frends and I was happy to meet them.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Soccer in NZ

I looked up at the goal.There was a space.I kicked the ball to the goal and scored. I started playing soccer when I was 10 years old. After 7 years,when I score a goal,the excitement still hasn't changed. Nothing can compare to this feeling. I am from Japan. Now, I am in New Zealand to study English. I belong to NPGHS soccer club. When I came here, my English was not good.I couldn't understand anything and I was nervous. But I made lots of friends through soccer. I went to the nationals and some trips and made lots of memories with them. I wish I could go to the nationals this year with them again. I have to go back to Japan soon though. I am going back to my soccer club team in Japan. It's really different between NZ's soccer and Japanese soccer. In Japan, they have really good skills and they are always concentrating on practices. In NewZealand, they have powerful plays and strong.It's interesting for me. I like both of them.

I came here to study English. But I'm learning lots of things from New Zealand. I'm learning English all the time as well.

I'm really glad that I came here. I'm having so much fun. I like everything in New Zealand. I will enjoy rest of my stay in here. Written by Suzu.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Overseas Students

A warm welcome to our new overseas students this term. We have Natnaree and Natcha from Thailand and Faye from China. We hope that you enjoy staying here with us and have fun learning about NPGHS and New Zealand.

End of Term

Last term we finished up our junior ESOL classes with a game of 'Life'. Some of the students had already played in in Japanese and in Spanish
before. It was lots of fun :)