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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Myself, My Culture Presentations

At the end of last term, Year 9 & 10 students gave powerpoint presentations to their classmates about 'Myself, My Culture'. They all did an excellent job. The presentations were very creative, well designed, technical and interesting. The displays of work were well presented and, even though they were nervous, the students delivered their work with enthusiasm. We all enjoyed learning about different cultures from different people.

Tips for next time: use bullet points, know your content, remember to give examples, use big print that is easy to see and contrasts well with the background, use only positive words about yourself and your work.

Well done :)
Ms Kindler

Creative Writing

I looked down and realised I could hear nothing over the sound of my heart pounding in my ears like thousands of kangaroos jumping. My face went red like fresh tomato and my body felt an electric shock. I wasn't like this before but since I met James, every part of me has been changed so badly.

It was lunchtime and I was having fun with my friends in the school field. The was a guy with a halo walking towards me and saying "Hi!" to me. That guy with a halo was James! How can a human being have a halo on their back? I think it's possible for James. I just couldn't get my eyes off from his face. His face was so perfect! He had shining gold hair that looks like real gold, his gorgeous tanned skin made him look healthy, sparkling deep blue eyes that made me want to swim in them, high and pretty nose that I wanted to slide on and his perfect smile that drove me crazy! Every part of him is like a drug to me.

While I was going crazy inside, James tapped my shoulder and said, "Hey, I just said Hi to you!" I knew that I had to answer him back, but I just couldn't handle myself. I was barely breathing and my face went a darker red. I knew that I looked so wierd and I might look like a red rubber glove that was covered in blood, however I had to wake up and face the real world.

I couldn't get my eyes off from his nose, because I couldn't make eye contact with him. If I did, I would go screaming like a crazy monkey and get goosebumps all over my body. So I looked at his nose and slowly opened my mouth. It really did feel like 10 minutes to me while I was opening my mouth! I took a deep breath and said, "Hi!" Hi, such a short easy greeting word. Why did I just say 'hi' to him? I should have said something longer and make him feel interested in me! I have to make this talking last longer! What should I say next? While I had so many thoughts in my head, James just walked away. He left me behind with my friends and he hugged a pretty high school cheerleader. Yeah, I totally forgot about his perfect girlfriend. What an idiot! He was hugging her like he was hugging a breakable statue, and he said "Hey beauty, how are you today?" I was staring at them until my good friend Zoe woke me up into the real world. How tough teenage love is!

Lunar Yr 10

Life in NZ

My life here is really good. The people in NZ are really nice, nicer than in Chile. NZ is really beautiful. I love the food from Chile. I like Empanadas (see photo), Asados, Choripanes...everything! I don't really like the food in NZ, only fish & chips and pies. The people in NZ are friendlier than in Chile, but I love Chile.


Life in NZ Compared to India

I love Indian cricket. When I was in India I used to have a lot of friends in my class. They were my neighbours. I was the smartest kid in my class. When I came to NZ I went to Highlands Intermediate school and I learnt English. Things were new for me and hard. I like NZ food but I still miss the real taste of spicy Indian food. I have a lot of friends in NZ but I still miss the friendships from India.

There is a good thing about NZ schools, we don't have to work too hard. In India we have to do so much homework and work in class. We get a smack from the teachers if we don't finish our homework. I'm glad to be in a NZ school.


Life In NZ Compared to Fiji

Life in NZ is really easy but kind of hard. When I first started school at Devon I didn't have a lot of friends but back in Fiji I had lots of friends. Then when I got used to Devon I think I had more friends than I have here at Girls' High. School in Fiji is very hard because teachers don't teach slower learners, only the smart ones. Girls' High is bigger than my school back in Fiji which is the Gospel High School. The food back in Fiji is way different than the food I eat here in NZ, but it's kind of the same. I love NZ food but I really miss Fijian food back in the islands. My favourite Fijian food is Palusami - fish curry. I really miss my family and friends back in Fiji but know I have family and friends in NZ.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Highlights of the 2011 Summer/Autumn Term

This term has gone so fast that we have not noticed it. The highlights of this term were swimming and athletics sports. We had so much fun and participated in a lot of the activities as well as cheering for our house colour! Last night (14th April 2011) the year nine boarders did the horse shoe and that was so funny. It made everyone stay up late. There's a lot more work needed to be done this year. Last year was really hard compared to this year. It's just the work load that's different this year.