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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Childhood

I’m Ivy, now I’m 15 years old and I’m not a child anymore, but when I was a child I had a wonderful childhood.
My favorite place before was the park near my grandmother’s house, everyday my grandmother took me to the park, there were a lot of children the same age as me, we were all good friends. We played together everyday and we all really enjoyed the time.
The most amazing thing in my childhood is I came to New Zealand for a year when I was 6 years old. I studied in the normal school at new zealand and I have many different friends from other countries. The most exciting thing in this year was that my little brother was born, that is the first time I saw a real baby. I had a wonderful time when I was in New Zealand, but I went back to China when I was 7 years old.
My childwood was great, because I didn’t need to do work everyday like other Chinese children, I had a lot of free time to play.

My Childhood

I'm going to write a recount of my childhood. When I was going to primary school I liked to do the baking with my mother and I used to do that every weekend. I liked a chocolate browny, cookies and cakes. My father and brother were looking forward my baking every time. I was happy about it. But I couldn't do the baking recently. I want to do it again when I get back to Japan, of course kiwi style cake :) probably my family will be surprised at very sweet cakes I learned to make in NZ. Sometimes my friend was coming and baking a cake with us. we were really enjoying it. I think this friend was my important person in my past, now as well. She is my bestfriend. We played every day after school. We are going to different school from 4 years ago. I'm looking forward to meeting her again.


my childhood

My most important place is my home country which is the Philippines and I'm really looking forward on going back there next year. I went to school there for 9 whole years and I've learnt a lot there. Well, I've done a lot of things there too. I remember when my friends and I went to their old school,they told me everything about that school,their old classrooms and other important stuff. We also played there and so I was enjoying it,I didn't even remember that I'm not allowed to stay outside until 5pm and it was 6pm something so we all went home in a hurry and luckily my parents weren't at home,so then no one noticed we had gone. Though it made me nearly in big trouble,I didn't regret it because I really had fun. These friends that I told you are my important people in my past and of course my other relatives are important as well.

Anna yr10

My Childhood

When I was young I had a bestfriend named seung-hwi and ji-young. They had been friends with me since we're very young and our parents knew each other very well. We lived in the same city but now we all live quite far from each other.

When we're young we used play in the playground and each other's homes. There were many playgounds near to our apartments. So we didn't always play in one playground. I very much liked to go to playground. At that time, I liked to play with my friends and I liked all the things like swings, seesaw, slides and many other things in the playground and I could make other friends in the playground when I was young.

Now I can't meet them very much because of the distance and comming to New Zealand. But every summer holiday when I go back to Korea I vist their home for few days. And I'm planning to visit their home this summer holiday too!

-Lunar Yr10

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Childhood yu

In my childhood, I liked to go to a shop that sells cheap lollies. The shop is only 30 meters away from my house. I could go to the shop in 10 seconds if I ran. I used to go to the shop every day after school. It was my favourite thing to do in my free time. I was very excited when I bought the lollies. The lollies are actually really cheap, but I felt the lollies were very expensive because I was only like 8 years old. I remember that I ate the lolly slowly and enjoyed it so much. I sometimes hung out and went to the shop with my friends. I used to love it. I reckon my frinds were very important because they made me happy a lot of times. I sometimes had a fight though. I still think my friends are very very important even though I have different friends between when I was a child and now. Also I still visit the lolly shop. It's still make me excited.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm going to describe an important character from Whalerider and
explain why this character was important in the text.

I think Koro is an important character because he was the chief that led
all of the Maori people from Whangara. He was looking for a good leader who can lead them through the darkness. Koro has a bad personality that always hurt Pai's feelings all the time because Pai was not supposed to do this boys stuff because she was a girl. He always wore a Whale's tooth around his neck. He is really old and speaks Maori and English. He always takes Pai with his bike. This shows that even though he's horrible to Pai he still loves her.

I think this character 'Koro' is important in the text because he his really confident in speaking in two languages and leading his people. He believed that their cultures are stretching all the way back to their ancestors who helped Paikea when he was in trouble. This shows that he was a strong chief.

Jasmine Yr9

whale Rider

I'm going to describe an important character from Whale Rider the movie and explain why this character was important in the text. I think that Pai is the most important character in the movie because she was the hero, she saved the whales and proved her Koro wrong that a girl could be a leader.

Pai is a sad little Maori girl. Her mother died when she was giving birth to her and so did her twin brother. Now she lives with her Koro and her grandma. Pai is a determined kid, she's very smart and brave. She's very mature for her age and she's not afraid of consequences and willing to take on anything. Thats why I like Pai's character because it tells you that you have to be patient and strong to get what you want and it allso tells you that a girl has every right to do the things that the boys are.


Friday, September 09, 2011

My favourite character in Jane Eyre.

I've watched the movie and read the book 'Jane Eyre' in my Esol class. I was really impressed with this story. And I liked it. My favourite character in the book and movie was Jane.

First, she has a warm heart. She helped Mr. Rochester when he got knocked down from his horse. And she also got married and lived with Mr.Rochester even though he lost his arm and became blind.
Second, she was practical. When Mrs.Reed told her about Mr.Rochester and another girl, she relised that she's not rich and pretty but the other girl is and Mr.Rochester was different from her. He was a rich man. So she tried not to love Mr.Rochester.
Third, she has forgiveness. When Jane's aunt was dying, aunt asked Jane to forgive her. And Jane did forgive her. Jane forgave her aunt before she died. If I was Jane I couldn't forgive her.

The reason this character is important in this text is, Jane is the main character of this book and this book shows the life she had and tells story about her.
-Lunar Yr.10

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Princess Diaries

I'm going to describe Mia (Amelia Thermopolis). she is the main character in this story. She is a high school student. She always goes to school with Lily. Lily is her best friend. She lives in a apartment with her mother and her cat (Fat Louie). She wants to associate with Josh Richter. He is so hot. So she wants to look like Lana Weinberger. She is very beautiful. She was common girl but, suddenly her grandmare told her "You're princess of Genovia". She couldn't believe that and She didn't want to be a princess. Finally she became a gorgeous princess of Genovia. I think she is the most important character from Princess Diaries becouse, this story cannot start without Mia.


Lily Moscovitch

Lily is Mia's best true friend,they have been friends for since like forever. Lily is such a noisy person but funny as well,she is not really the type of person that you will think attractive,she is just like Mia back then. Lily is very simple,she does not wear make up and she probably hates it,she wear simple clothes just like Mia and wear her uniform properly. Well,sometimes she act weird,but even though Lily is just that,you would be amaze of the things that she have done to Mia's life. Lily is such an important person,she never backstabbed Mia instead she supported her. She helps Mia with her problems and gives her good advices. She kept Mia's secret and even though they fought about Mia's lack of attention to her because Mia is too busy with her new fake friends,she still accepted Mia's apologize and become best friends even more. So I think if Lily was not there with Mia in those situations,Mia probably wouldn't make it up to the last.

Anna,year 10

Princess Diaries

I am going to describe Mia. She is a high school student and is also a freshman. Her best friend is Lilly. Lilly has an older brother called Michael. She has a favourite boy who is Josh Richter and he is the most gorgeous boy in the school. One day Mia's father died. And Mia was told by her grandma that Mia's father was actually the prince of Genovia. She said to Mia 'now you are the princess of Genovia.' She didn't want to be a princess. But Mia's grandma wanted Mia to be a pricess so she changed Mia's hair to straight from very wavy hair. She looked better than before and Josh Richter invited Mia to the party on the beach. But it wasn't fun for Mia and she realized she liked Michael more than Josh. And she also found that she is not unhappy about being a princess. At Mia's sixteenth birthday party, she said she is the princess of Genovia and danced with him. Mia and Michael kissed aech other. I think that was amazing.