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Monday, November 13, 2017

Time in NZ

Hi my name is Rosa and I'm an international student at New Plymouth Girls High.
I'm from Germany. I have spent 5 months in New Zealand. When I first went to school everything was different for me. For example In Germany we are a both sex school and we do not have a school uniform. From this moment on I had to wear a school uniform and spent my school time just with girls. My school day starts at 7.50am in Germany and in New Zealand at 8.40 therefor my school ends at 1pm and here at 3.20pm. But the teachers and your host family make it is easy to settle in and make your exchange year to the best year. My personal tips are ask people for help and be open telling something about your country.

My Time Here

Hello my Name is Pia and I'm a German  international Student at New Plymouth Girls High School in 2017. I've spent five months in New Zealand.

I had big expectations for my Student Exchange here in New Zealand and I can easily say that all my expectations have been met. I have had so many experiences and learned so much about things and myself  through my stay in New Zealand. I learned to be more responsible for myself, improved my English and got more mature. The one thing I really enjoyed the most was  my trip to Dunedin. I had such a great time with my friend and visited cities like Queenstown. In Queenstown we went ice Skating which was great fun. I have had such a great and unforgettable time here in New Zealand. I really can recommend everyone should do a Student Exchange because it helps you so much in you future life.

Silent Night

In the film 'Silent Night' directed by 'Rodney Gibbons', a character that I found interesting and important is 'Elizabeth Vincken'. The story is about German soldiers and American soldiers they are staying in a small hut over Christmas eve 1944, where a woman and her son live. The woman decides the hut is neutral territory, all guns have to stay outside.

Elizabeth is a very strong woman. In the film she knows what she wants and does not give up until she reaches her goal. All guns have to stay outside of her house. This is a very important for the success of this situation. That makes her very important and very interesting. Now you want to know why she acts like this. Why does she try to get all this different and dangerous people altogether in her house? Why doesn't she take sides? What does she think about the war?

By Wanda

An important Character by Wako

Last week, I watched the movie called "Silent night" with other international students.  This story is about World War two and on the Christmas eve, 5 German and 2 American were in the one house. This is nearly impossible because in those days Gemany and America fought against each other so for example, if they meet in the bush, they try to kill the opponent. But on the Christmas eve, they didn't fight against each other and more than that, they helped each other to cook dinner. 

A character that I found interesting or important was the boy's mom and her name is Ellizabeth Vincken. I think she is a very strong women and without her, the boy and others could have been  killed. She didn't let any guns and weapons into home and because of that, they could only fight against each other in words, they couldn't kill because they didn't have guns.

And also, I think the German man who was not nice and mean at first, was an interesting and important character too, because he showed us that we can forgive the people who kill our family. I think when he noticed that the person in same house killed his father, he felt the strong anger inside of him but when they said good-bye to each other, they shook their hands. This is because the German man also killed Americans and other people and they had no choice to choose.

Silent Night

A character that I found interesting is Private Russy, because he is all the time trying to bring the best out of the people, and he also was really striving to give the best Christmas he can do for the weakest people, and he didn’t care if that cost something  of him, Russy always put the needs of the others before his own.
I like him also because it reminds me of my brother, he’s that type of person who is always smiling and he always makes you smile too.
I found an important issue or idea raised in the movie was the humanisation because the war makes you dehumanise people, and you don’t see the the whole picture, so you don’t care if that person has family or not, you just hate them, that’s why the woman is so admirable, she does not care about the war she only sees people.

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