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Friday, July 25, 2014

Martin Luther King - (by Coleen Degnan-Veness)

It is book of non-fiction and biography or historical. Martin Luther King is a hero in America and Africa.

The book is about freedom and peace. He has a dream. It is that trust. Many people don't have prejudice. I think that everybody had a dream.

In my opinion, the book is easy and difficult to understand because I don't know very much about him. But I think that he is brave and says his opinion about something very well. In addition, I like pictures in the book because he is gentle and proud. I think that, I don't like book. However, Martin Luther King is very brave. Also, I like he's characters because characters like best, brave, proud and kind.

On the whole, I would say that he is brave and other capacity and I like him. He is honest and wise very much.



Book review : Martin Luther King


Martin Luther King is an extremely interesting non- fiction book that makes a very deep impression on readers. It talks about Americans’ race and Martin Luther King campaign. I have learnt a lot of valuable things from him. Therefore, I really admire him.

There was a racism in America between black people and white people. White people were very wealthy and they had a lot good things and good benefits for themselves but black people didn’t. In that situation, King organized his first campaign to protest for the rights of black people. I loved it when I read about his campaign. That was actually interesting and it made a good inspiration for me to read. I think he was very brave and smart to help a lot of people. He was a great hero. Sometimes, it wasn’t successful, but King never gave up. That point showed me he was determined to help black people. He loved peace and fairness. And I love peace and fairness, too.

Furthermore, he was very good at studying. “The teachers moved him up a grade twice because he was very smart. He missed grades 9 and 11, and finished high school at the age of fifteen. That quote shows me he is very smart and hard-working at studying. I really admire his intelligence. I was extremely surprised when I knew he moved up a grade twice because in my opinion, it was extraordinary. I really admire everything he did in the past to help black people. He was also a great president that took very good care of his country. He is a good person for us to look up to and learn from.

Through the story, I have learnt a lot of valuable things from him. Such as: don’t be racist, I should be brave and don’t use violence to treat enemy. He is a great leader for all of us to look up and learn some precious things.


BOOK REVIEW Martin Luther King

I read a biography about Martin Luther King who tried to change the law. This theme is racial discrimination. I think that it has a message. It is a kind of positive messages for people in a weak position. He became a famous when he did his speech that was like "I heve a dream...."

My favourite part is a bus boycott. Because the boycott  was carried out by a black woman, Mrs. Rosa parks. She has a really big courage and aggressive attitude. when she caught a bus, she took a seat for her. At the next busstop a white person caught this bus, there was no seat. So the bus driver asked Mrs. Parks to give her seat for the white person. But she refused. So the driver called the police. They arrested her.

That was so bad at that time. But her doing changed a lot of people's mind. So I really respect her. Because I do not have a courage like her. She changed my mind, too. I like this book so much. We should continue it to future generations.


Martin Luther King- book review

In the book, "Martin Luther King", the main character is Martin Luther king. He is a wise, brave and a strong man who tried to gain independence, justice and freedom for black people as he was one.
He did many speeches about injustice and how white people discriminate against black people as slaves or as people who have no rights. Martin Luther King tried to stop white people but none of them cared.

The pictures in the book really helped us to imagine the events such as speeches or marches. Black people wanted a peaceful future but discrimination still exists in America but I think it is not as bad as it was before.

To sum up I think that the book "Martin Luther King" was a good book for me to read because I didn't know who is Martin Luther King and I didn't know that there is a discrimination against black people in America so I learned about them. The book was also so easy to read, with good images which help you to imagine the events. I learned to be more strong and brave. I really enjoyed the book and I hope that you will as well.


Book review - Martin Luther King -

I will write about Martin Luther King. It is kind of historical and non-fiction book. These characters are strong and brave. It is talking about changing the law. African American and white people. This theme is  racial discrimination and peace. This book has a message I think that the colour is different but we are human. So we shouldn't discriminate.

"I have a dream today....... one day little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls as sister and brothers." he said. I thought that this speech has a strong mind.

Before King started school, he played with a little white boy. They had to go to different school. Black children could not go to schools for whites. The white boy's parents told King to stop playing with their son. King went home crying. His parents explained to him about the difficult life for black people in the US. King decided then that he hated all white people. I understand that he hated all white people. So he became leader. I think that it's motive for leader.

This book is a little bit difficult for me. Because it has a lot of people's problems. I don't really like these pictures. Because I don't like to see someone dying. I think that why they are fighting. And it just remain the grief. I can't choose about like this book or don't like one. All characters are main characters, so I can't choose my best character.



Martin Luther King book review

Martin Luther King is a historical book, this book is about a man who became a hero by becoming a preacher. This book shows us an important message to treat people who you might have trouble with, with peace. I think this message shows that all people are equal on the inside, we need to treat everyone with peace instead of violence to maybe start something called friendship and live in peace with our brothers and sisters that we all are.

The character I liked from this book could be Martin Luther King because he's the hero of black people. I think this character is an example to follow, he teaches all of us that no matter what, you have to treat people with respect and peace, with those two important words you can't fail friendship.

In conclusion, Martin Luther King understood that if you want respect you must give respect to others to live happily, through this he became a preacher and all people loved him. This is because he traded black and white people as brothers and sisters and with respect, by this you can't fail, all humans are equal on the inside, "We must meet hate with love"(Martin Luther King)


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review on Matilda by Roald Dahl

My Review for the book Matilda.

The book Matilda is about a girl named Matilda. She was in school one day and that's where she discovered her magical evil powers. She discovered it when she had class. Miss Trunchbull the principal, was being rude to the children and Matilda then got really mad and discovered her powers. She was telling her mind to move the glass and then it moved. Matilda then trained her mind to do all magical things.

The book Matilda is a fantasy written by Roald Dahl. I think the message they are trying to give through the book is not to bully people. I think the book Matilda is easy to understand and the words aren't that hard to read. I like this book because it was very interesting. And easy to know what is happening in the book. The character I like the best is Miss Honey because she is very caring and respectful. She stands up for others and helps them with a lot of things.

To sum up, I think that the book Matilda was really cool to read.


Review on Matilda by Roald Dahl

Matilda is a fantasy and mystery book. The book is about a girl called Matilda who has the worst parents ever and all she wants to do is make everyone happy. While she does that she finds out she has powers and she uses her power to overcome the evil principal to make the principal go away and give her house back to her niece. There are a lot of themes in this book like greediness because her father is very greedy for money,  the book has great humor because of the stuff that Matilda does and there is a lot of kids.

I think the message in this book is that you shouldn't be careless or greedy because in the end you will lose everything. I think that this book is very easy to understand and I understood every word. I also liked the pictures in this book because they were really easy to see and very clear.
I like this book because it is very easy to read and understand for people like me. The character I liked best is obviously Matilda because she is the main character and she has powers. To sum it up I thought that there was a great message in this story and it was very funny and I like funny stories.



Matilda Book Review

This book Matilda is an adventure fantasy book,
Its about a girl who discovered how brave and smart she is, the theme is about greed and power so as trust, love and parents who care.

The message is: never understimate little people big stuff comes in small packages and not to be a bully and go to school.

This book wasn't to difficult to read because I've read it before.
I liked the pictures because it was interesting.
Here are some pictures.

To sum up I think it is about Matilda and how she grew up in a smart world.