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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pioneer Village

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In our Esol class we studied how the early settlers in 1910 Stratford live and feel and how this compared to the locals' experience. We went to the Pioneer Village and found these answers:

Stratford Patea river was cleared on the north bank in 1877. The European settlers named it Stratford-on-Patea, after Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace. The town of Stratford has a Shakespearean theme naming streets after characters. The population grew and reached 6,000 by 1906. The early European settler would have lived in Stratford, Midhurst and outer areas where they established farming. Travel was difficult in these times. Their living conditions meant that they were cold and couldn't afford heating. Conditions were very tough in the earlier times but with new services coming this situation improved by 1910.

Flour bags were used to make bloomers, shirts, trousers and dress linings, socks and stockings were knitted and darned at home with the wool sometimes coming from the family sheep, shorn and spun at home. Clothes were often too big and whoever got up first got dressed the best. Women wore blouses and long skirts, long dresses with a pinifore overtop, cloaks hats and long coats. Two sets of clothing were used Sunday best and another set for home and working. Hair was generally kept up if long and handbags were homemade. Men wore trousers with braces, vests, fob watches, jackets and hats.

Childhood was short, children started work at age 12-13. Also children younger than this had to work before and after school. Some examples of work are: labourers, farmers hand, sawmillers hand, dairy workers. Students even bunked school to go to work for their family. The settlers felt tired and lonely and the weekly visit to the market was about the only time they saw other people. Life was precious because death was common and not much medical treatment was available. In January 1886 fire west of Stratford destroyed the Stratford and Midurst townships. Accidents happened like drowning or being hit by falling trees. Women and children would also get lost in the bush. Children in these times were seen and not heard. They were physically punished so generally behaved themselves. Most families went to church every Sunday.

The first settlers in Stratford were the Maori villagers who lived in the hills. They settled there in AD1300 and usually lived on the coast. In AD1800 there were 100,000 Maori in New Zealand. Maoris usually lived on the coast. In 1910 typhoid broke out and spread through the Taranaki tribes. Life was also hard for them and when they were introduced to European diseases because they found it difficult to fight them. The population decreased because of war and disease. The clothing of the maori and the europeans was very different but helped keep them warm. Their food was similar but the way they prepare and cooked it was different.

In conclusion life in 1910 Stratford was hard for both the maori and the european. The maori would have probably felt angry that their territory was being invaded. The europeans would have probably felt excited about their new home. Now both races live together mostly in harmony. We enjoyed learning more about NZ history and our heritage.

Eka & Jasmine Yr 9

The Princess Diaries

Dear diary
I am still living in New York, because I wanted to go to school! I will graduate from Albert Einstein High School. I am going to live in Genovia after high school. I am close to Lilly Moscovitz and Tina Hakim Baba. They are my awesome friends. I have a boyfriend called Michael now. He is Lilly's brother and is really nice. I didn't want to be a princess before. But now I'm happy about being a princess! I will make Genovia a really really good country!!!


The Princess Diaries

Dear Diary

I am still living in New York City. I live in an apartment, on the west side of city with my mom because I want to graduate from school. I study French to be a nice princess, like my grandmere. I practice lots of things about princesses every day.
I still don't like it... I have a boyfriend. He is Michael. He's nice. I like him. I think he is much nicer than Josh Richter. I am so happy. I will be a princess of Genovia. I will make a good country.


The Princess Diaries

Dear Diary

I am still living in New York City. I live in an apartment in Greenwich Village,on the west of the city, because I want to go to school and graduate in this school. I am studing French to become a good Princess of Genovia. My grandmare is a really good princess. I have a boyfriend!!He is very nice,so i feel happy everyday and I really like him. Atually I do not want to study, but I want to become a good princess, so I keep studying everyday.


Mia's diary

Dear Diary,

It's been a year now since I found out that I was a princess. My whole life had changed beacause of that. Now I live in a palace in Genovia, People serve me and obey me, They also like me and that always makes me happy. For my opinion, I think I'm doing great here in Genovia. I can act like a princess now, a respected person. I help people, talk to them and and give them some rules. That's what a princess does, I felt happiness everytime I helped them. Anyways, Michael and I fell in love with each other, You won't believe it but we are actually together now. I love him and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way towards me. I'm really happy now here, I guess being a princess isn't that bad although I have a lot of things to do, Oh well!! I'm a princess now and that's my duty.

Anna ,year 10

Monday, August 15, 2011


Snow at NPGHS today!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Princess Diaries

Dear Diary,

I thought yesterday was the worst day of my life! First I found out that my Mum was going out with my algebra teacher, they had a date!! I felt unhappy but Mum looked happy so I couldn't tell her my true feelings. In the afternoon, my Dad called me to go out for dinner and he shocked me. He told me that I'm a princess!! Because he can't have more children so I will be his only heir!! What!? I don't want to be a princess anymore. I want to be myself! I want to join Greenpeace. I want to save whales! Not be a princess! I was really mad so I ran out of the hotel. I wanted to go somewhere else but I had another terrible shock - I saw Josh was kissing Lana in the corner! Josh is the most popular boy at school, everyone loves him. I do too. I want to be Lana. I want to have a date with Josh and I want Josh to kiss me!!
What a bad day!! I feel tired now. I'm going to sleep.

Ivy Yr 10

Princess Diaries - Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I found out that my mother is going out with my algebra teacher - Mr. Gianini. I was not really happy about it but I had to lie because my mother looked very happy with him. Also I just found out that I'm a princess after meeting with my Dad. He told me that I'm his heir to the throne because he can't have any more children because of some sort of illness. I was really shocked, I've been with them a very long time and they did not even tell me about it, I mean for my whole life they lied. It made me mad, I don't want to be a princess. I just want a normal life, I want to finish my high school here and join Greenpeace to save the whales from danger. How can I be a princess? I'm just Mia, a girl who wants to look like Lana Weinberger and have Josh Ritcher as my boyfriend, that's all.

Anna Yr 10

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New International Students - Welcome!

We welcome to NPGHS new International students! This term we have students from Spain, Germany and Hong Kong. We really hope your time here is an enjoyable one.