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Thursday, May 05, 2011


Mr Wormwood thinks Matilda is just a stupid little girl that doesn't know anything at all, for example when he says: "That's because you're a stupid litle girl".
Mr Wormwood thinks sitting in front of T.V is showing a good example instead of reading a book, for example when he says: "A book? he said. What's wrong with the T.V? We've got a nice T.V and now you come asking for a book! We're too good to you my little girl." I think Mr Wormwood is not interested in what Matilda has.



Mr Wormwood thinks Matilda is annoying, a pest and stupid
Some examples from the book are:
"That's because you're a stupid little girl," her father said. He said this when Matilda said that he was not being honest to his customers.
"Shut up!"shouted her father. He said this when Matilda made fun of his hat getting stuck on his head.

Matilda thinks her father is a liar, bad and hateful.
Some quotes from the book that show this are:
"But that's not honest, daddy," said Matilda. She said this when her father was telling the family about selling stolen cars to his customers.
"And what's wrong with watching the TV?" her father said. His voice was suddenly soft and dangerous. He said this when Matilda asked her parents if she could eat her supper in the dining room so that she could read her book. This quote shows that Matilda doesn't agree with the way her parents bring her up.
After that Matilda was too angry to reply.


My holiday

I went to Wanganui for 3 days because I had my Japanese school's assembly!! It was really fun:)I could meet my friends and my homeroom teacher!! We stayed in a hostel. We had a junior high school graduation and a high school entrance ceremony. It was boring... I was talking about my new life with my friends all night!! We had 2 English tests... one of tests was listening!! I was surprised because I could understand the test!! Before I came to NZ I couldn't understand!!! I'm very happy:) We had a class meeting. It was very good. Because we could find out about our school,
hostfamily and friends!! It was a very good meeting for me. When we came back home to each house we were crying!!But I didn't cry!!haha!!

My holiday~

The best thing in my holiday was going to the cinema to see a movie. The movie was called 《Hop》. It's a really funny 3D movie. The story is about a man who hurt the Easter bunny, he had to take it home and he found that the "guest" is the worst of the guests, because it made a noise in his sister's room. But they became friends at the end, and the man and the bunny became the Easter bunny together~
And I also wanted to go to Auckland with my little brother, but because of the strong winds the airport was closed > <.I'm very disappointed, but my little brother was more disappointed than me, he cried three times! But my mum said that she will take us there next holidays~


My Holiday:)

In my holiday, I went to Wanganui, Palmerston North and Wellington!! I went to Wanganui for 3 days with Mako and Riko.It was the Japanese school assembly. I saw a lot of my friends and talked to them. It was soooooo fun except the exams... My friends live in Wellington, Palmerston North, Napier, Tauranga and New Plymouth. Now I really miss them...:( haha
At Easter, I went to Wellington with Dad and my host sister. We stayed there for 4 days. In Wellington I saw my friend. She stayed with us for 2 days. We went to the South Island(by ferry) and Te Papa. I have been to the South Island twice. It was my second time. I saw Kiwi things. I will be able to see my friends again in the July holidays:) I'm really looking forward to it!!
The end of holiday was boring...:( I really wanted school to start. So now I'm enjoying school!!


About my holiday

I went to Rotorua for 4 days with my host family in the holidays. It was lovely. But, it was raining all the time. Rotorua is such a nice city. I like it. I saw a sheep show with my hostfather. It was amazing, and, I saw rafting. It looks exciting. I want to try rafting one day. This holiday was something pleasant to look back on for me.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Holidays !!!

During my holiday my family and I went to Auckland to see a concert and came back to New Plymouth on Sunday.
And on Wednesday some of my religious friends and I went to the Side walkway and had a camp at the baches, we roasted some marshmallows and collected some shells at the beach. Then there were some of my uncles, aunties and his teenage son came to the baches. We had a great time playing games and laughing until midnight and then we went fishing in the middle of the night. We got some mussels and made a big bonfire and we cooked some mussels and we ate them. Then we weren't feeling good, we were so tired so we went inside the baches to be warm because the wind was really strong so we went inside.