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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Names in Matilda

I looked at the names Wormwood, Trunchbull and Honey in the book Matilda. I looked up the words Worm, Bull and Honey and here are the definitions: Worm is a kind of a snake which is/looks mucoussy, the worm is in the snake family. A bull is an intact adult male of the species Bos taurus. Honey is a sweet kind of food made by bees using nectar from flowers. I think Roald Dahl chose these names because the definition of the words were appropriate to their personality, for example Mr and Mrs Wormwood are slimy, Miss Trunchbull is evil and really bad, and Miss Honey is sweet, kind and nice. by Anne Photo by V*ntage


Hi! This time, I want to write about topec camp on last weekend! We stayed cabin for 3 days and we walked in the bush in the rain. and we stayed cabin in the mountain. We had a lot of fun!!! Every activity was awesome,but especially my favourite activity was rafting(^^)/ So I'm going write about rafting. Before we did rafting, we were taught about what to do if we fell out from the boat, what we should do,,,, So we had to swim in the freezing river wearing wetsuits and lifejackets. Even though we were wearing wet suits, the water was freezing!!!! And after this,we hopped in the boat. There were 5 or 6 boats. We went down the river, sometimes it was rough and sometimes it was calm. WE went a long way! And when we passed the rock, the girl that was sitting at the back fell out from the boat! When we were trying to help that girl, the boat bumped the rock agin! I couldnt keep balance,some of girls in my boat fell out! It was me..... I couldn't reach the boat, so swam long way. I couldn't do anything, so I was just streaming like a river. Finally one of boat could catch me, I
was rescued! It was very nice experience for me.hahaha I wanna go topec camp again~! madoka

My good memory

I went to TOPEC last week!!I was exited. The first day, I swam in the sea and I jumped from a small cliff! It was so cold and scary, but I really enjoyed it! Next day, I went to the bush and I walked. The third day, I swam in the river and kayaked. Kayak this time was the first time for me. It was also fun! The night, we had a campfire! I ate marshmallows that I baked in the fire. It was nice:)I liked it. The fourth day, I did BRIDGE SWING! I spent a lot of time when I jumped from the bridge. After I jumped,I turned over!It was my best activity in TOPEC!!! (Actually I was nervous and I was afraid to do it before I jumped.) After that I did rock climbing and I could climb to the top! After I did that, my arm was very sore.But It was fun. Last activity was overnight camp. It was so hard for me...but it became a really good experience for me! After we came back to TOPEC, we ate yery delicious pies and doughnuts! I could talk with my new friends in TOPEC! They were very kind and funny! Ai
I really enjoyed in TOPEC!!!This TOPEC became "My good memory" for me!


HELLO!!! I went TO TOPEC CAMP from 7th May to 11th May ! It's near the Inglewood! On the first day we went to the sea and swam in the sea! It was really cold but we wore wetsuits so I wasn't so cold! We jumped into the sea from the cliff! The height was 7m! When I stood on cliff, I was scared...lol But while I was falling it was really fun! As if I was flying(^^*)/ At night we danced with my classmates! Their dances were very good! They taught us dance but I couldn't dance like them! And my favourite activity was BRIDGE SWING(^^*)!!! I jumped from the bridge and I was attached to a lifeline so it was like playing swing! It was really funny!!! I want to try jumping higher than we did! KARIN(^^#)

Opal's story

I'll tell you about my first day in New Zealand. I arrived at NPGHS around half past four on Sunday 22 April. That time I felt excited about my new life, my new friends, my new environment, whatever it is, it was all new. I met my two Thai friends her names are Bamboo and Eve, everything's alright. After that, I had dinner there were really different foods between Thai and New Zealand food but that okay for me because some of the foods I have tested it before. I have many new friends in the hostel and school, they are all good. Now, I have been in New Zealand for 25 days I feel happy about my new place in New Zealand. They're all good. I love to stay here! by Opal

My story (;

The time I was thinking about is my life in New zealand why it is passing so very quick and what I miss before ..... I am always thinking why did I leave my country what should I do ? Last day of my schooling That day I felt so sad lonely and my classmates told me why don't you enter again to school you have two weeks more before you go, I said " My papa's said to me don't go to school becuase I'am wasting my allowance. Then we have event in my school that is Interpetative dance, English month, and I went to school and I watched the dance of my friend .. After the dance I was crying because that is my last day and I said goodbye to my teachers, my schoolmates, and my classmates. My classmates were crying too and they will say " WE MISS YOU JONNiE " Everytime we left to school together with my friends we bought the street food like fishball, squidball, chicken bal, french fries, siomai and coconut juice. This is what i miss in the philippines because this delicious and very popular. Every lunch break in our school me and my classmates have to take out lunch boxes downtairs and we arranged the chair into a circle form and put all the food in the center. Then we shared foods, the jokes, funny things and we laughed together and forgot the problems. I have two teddy bears and I left them in the Philippines because my bag was full. My two teddy bears I gave them to my boyfriend, the first teddy bear he gave at valentines day the name of my teddy bear is Kathleen. I was very shocked because that thing is too expensive and that is my first time the boy gave me anything. The second is a rabbit toy and that is too expensive he gave it at my birthday the name of rabbit toy is Catherine. I really love my two teddy bears they are very sentimental value to me. I really miss my teachers in the Philippnes because they were very good to me and sometimes I open my emotions, my problems, sometimes we have a bonding together and we invited them to rambling in the mall and our house. Jonne -_- <3

Patty's Story

Three years ago I went to Chiang-Mai in the north of Thailand. I went to Chiang-Mai with my cousin and my family. I went there by car. First day that I arrived in Chiang-Mai I went to the hotel and had dinner. After that I went to the pedestrian street to buy some souveniers and then I went back to the hotel. Next day it is Songkran Day. I went to the shopping mall and bought a squirt gun. I went to the city because a lot of people in the city threw water. I went to the city with my cousin. In the main road there were a lot of people and a lot of cars. I threw the water to people I didn't know. Some people put the ice into water and it was so cold. After that I went back to my hotel and had a shower. I went to the restaurant after I finished my shower and had some Chiang-Mai food. Next day it is my last day in Chiang-Mai. We went to the temple to pray with monks after that we drove the car back to Bangkok. When I arrived Bangkok I slept first because I was so tired and I did't want to do anything. Patty
Photo by Albert Foo

My story

I got up at 6.00 am. It was too early but today it was my birthday. I am fourteen years old now! I had a shower and got dressed. The reason I had got up very early is beacause I was waiting for a monk. In Thailand, we believe on your birthday, your have to do something which for yourself and for others. Thais used to offer food to the monks everyday but especially on their birthday. I waited for the monks for five minutes and they came. After that me and my family went to the orphanage to donate my old things like toys, clothes, books, etc. to them. At 1.00 pm. I went out with my friends. They brought many gifts and cards for me. I was so happy that they still remembered my birthday. After that me and my friends went to celebrate my birthday at a restaurant. I came back at home at 6.00 pm and my family and my neighbours were waiting for me. They sang a happy birthday song for me and said "Happy Birthday!" I'll not forget this day. BY EVE
Photo by Helga Weber

Friday, May 04, 2012

Arts Week Parade

This week the Esol Students of NPGHS went on a mini parade around the school. They had great fun and loooked amazing!