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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My TOPEC trip

I experienced a lot of things at TOPEC. Because there is no TOPEC in Japan.
I did many ouyside activities, riding a rubber boat, walking in the bush, jumping from a bridge, (I was really scared about it, So I didn't do that.)

My favourite activity is riding a rubber boat.It was so fun!
We were in the river and we went to the lower stream from the upper stream.

My worst activity is walking in the bush. Because it was really hard for me.
We walked in the bush, that means there is no road! We had to walk with no road for forty minutes.
I don't want to do that again!!

But I could make some friends. They are almost all playing anysports and are active.
I have made some friends who have the same subjects as mine. By Mayu

Thursday, April 10, 2014


   When I prepared, noticed that I didn't have some snacks. Because we had to prepare them. So I thought that I would go to buy that day.
   That day, my friend's host mother took us to the camp's place. When we arrived to the camp's place,some people arrived there. Everyone had big bags.
   The first day, we walked in the forest, in the river and in the muddy water. So my clothes changed color. And the smell wasn't good.
   On the second day, my group was swimming in the river. So we wore the swimming suit. It had already broken. We used the banana boat. We jumped into the river. But I was scary so I didn't do it.
   On the third day, we went to the forest. And we got down from high place. It was so high, so I couldn't see the ground. At noon, my group and the other group went to the sea. And we did surfing in the canoe. I have never done surfing. So I was nervous. But it was so fun.
   On the fourth day, we prepared to go to the mountain. Because we were going to spend there overnight. When we arrived to near the mountain, we walked to the base. It was very hard for me, so I sometimes stopped. When we arrived to near the cabin, we waited for the other groups. But the other groups came to here to ride the car. All people were going to go to the cabin, but my group's member injured  her foot. So my group stayed as they were. My friends and I slept outside. It was so cold. But we could see so many stars. Example, Orion, The Big Dipper, falling stars.
  On the last day, we got up early. Because we returned the camp's place, we climbed the tree. It was so high but was so fun.
   This TOPEC was so great for me. And I made a lot of new friends. This project is wonderful:)

by Mako