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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Memories 2012

Hello. My neme is Karin and am from Osaka in Japan:) I'm going to introduce myself. I came here the end of January. When first I came here I was so nervous but also excited:) I couldn't understand what people were saying at first because everyone talked so fast! This was my first impression. The begining of February,I went to my class. Everyone looked scary at first but they were very kind:) When I didn't know what to do,someone always helped me. The other day,I went beach and surfed:) I'd never surfed before that and it was really difficult! But is was lot of fun;) I also went to pool after school:) But when I was in Japan, we didn't go there after school ao I remember that I was really surprised hahaha I wss like,"From now!? It's 7:30 now!" Everything is surprising for me at first. I really appreciate that I could come to NZ and enjoy it here.

My Precious Memories in New Zealand

I am going to introduce myself. My name is Ai and I'm from Osaka in Japan.My favorite singer is Demi Lovato.I play tennis and softball in this summer at NPGHS.I had been playing basketball and I played badminton end of term 3. People in New Zealand are kind and outgoingand There are lots of nature in new zealand so I love new zealand. I have been enjoying my life in nz with my lovely new zealand family and my friends. When I came here,I was really nervous.And I found that English is really hard to speak,listen and write. My first good memory is TOPEC CAMP.I've never done camping before so I was nervous and excited.My favorite activity is BRIDGE SWING.That was really scary.I fell off from the bridge obiously and I was up-side down after I fell off from the bridge.That was really scary and fun. My second good memory is farewell party.I danced Japanese traditional dance with my Japanese friends and after that I danced popular Japanese dance with Madoka and Karin.I really enjoyed it.I had a such fun time. I had lots of fun time in New Nealand so far.My life that I had been had in new zealand this year is my treasure. I hope my English has improved. I still can't believe that I go back to Japan soon. I am really appriciate to my parents for that I could come to new zealand.

Memories 2012

Hi Im Madoka, I'm from Japan. I've been staying New Zealand for nearly 1 year. I like playing guitar and listening to music, so I'm taking music for my option subject in NPGHS. And I've watched heaps movies compared to what I used to watch in Japan. I didn't know so much amazing movies! I'm staying with my lovely kiwi family here, Our family has got many animals even though we are not farmers. There are 3 cats,1 dogs,birds and turtles! Once while my sister was cleaning turtle tanks,I was looking after turtles because they might escape. And I was holding turtles,actually they look quite cute. Suddenly his neck was stretched and bit my lips!!!!! I couldn't believe what happened. But I realzied my lips were really hurt,and bleeding. Fortunately it was just healed soon:) I have joined softball team now. We have practice once in a week,and have game on the weekend. To communicate in English is still very hard,but in a game we just play as one team!!! Its so cool;) My English must have improved a lot compared to first I came here. I really want to say thanks you to my firends who always helped me,and made me laugh and many teachers. I will never forget about my memories in New Zealand.

Memories for my 2012 at NPGHS

Sawasdee-ka(Hello)I'm come from Thailand and my name is Eve. I'm Year 10 student and this is my first year in New Zealand. My favourite color is purple. I like to read any kind of books in free time. I don't like to play sport much. I prefer to listen to Pop,Jazz and R&B musics. I had set a goal for this year that I'd like to achieve merit and excellent in every subjects and now I have achieved the goal. My best achievement is that I got Merit Awards for my tutor group in Term 2. Also I had achieved some credits in Math and Computer Skills. My best memory from ESOL class this year was when we played the detective game, that was the funniest thing in ESOL class. This year I had met many new friends from many different cultures and they're very kind to me. I hope I'll meet more good friends again next year.

Memories from Anjelika

Hello! I'm Anjelika and I came from the Philippines. First in my business today is to let you know a bit more about me and the first thing you need to know about me is I love to read. Whether it may be Manga(Japanese comics), Twilight or the Hunger Games, but I don't see myself reading a Science book unless its for exams. I love listening to music but my favorite song changes all the time because the songs I like usually depict what I'm currently into and for this day I'm in love with the song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri because I'm a twilight fan. My favorite colour is blue but not dark blue, I like blue that looks like the sky because whenever I see the sky it calms me. If I had a sport at all it would be Basketball because its one way me and my family bond, I also like biking even though I only started recently. Even though its my first year in this school all the girls have made me feel welcome even with their small gestures like saying hi in the hallway. One of the memories I'm very fond of is when we played alibi in class (ESOL) me and Ai were the suspects which we were not expecting we spent 10-15 minutes thinking of an alibi and then we enter the room.

Chen Chen style

I'm Chen Chen,from China.I came to NZ four months ago.I spend a good time in NPGHS.I have learnt tennis in New Zealand and I will learn surfing next year in order to adopt New Zealand's lifestyle.I like Justin Biber very much,I think he is so cool!I love Taylor Swift's music.I want to make more friends in New Zealand. China is my mother country.I love it there,when I been here in the first month I just feel so shocked and uncomfortable 'cause everything had totally changed in my life.I miss everything in my country. I join in a tennis culb and cerco dance this year,I really have so much fun in these two clubs.It make my spare time awesome.My coach is really kind,he explain every word to me which I couldn't understand.I'm really bad at sport at first,thanks for him being so nice to me.In my cerco dance I knew a girl from Germany,and we quickly became close friends.We got piercings togeher,watched movies and always hung out.That's really lovely and amazing! I enjoy NZ'S Life now.That's relaxing.I am gonna spend a long time here.

Memories for my 2012 year at NPGHS

Hello. My name is Opal. I come from Thailand. My favorite colour is green and blue. My favorite music band is 1 direction(Harry styles). My hobby is playing piano and sport is badminton. My goal for 2012 is to achieve my second language(english). My best achievement in 2012 is that I won the Taranaki Badminton. My best memory from Esol 2012 at NPGHS is having such a great friends from different countries. This essay is my last essay for this year, at the end of next week I will go back to my country and will come back again next year when school starts. I have come to live in New Plymouth Girl's High hostel for 8 months, just for 8 months but it is such a amazing time in my life. I had such a really good friends: what ever Japanese friends, Chinese friends and kiwis friends also my teachers who're always helping me with homework, especially Mrs. Kindler my ESOL teacher this year. She is the main person helping my grammar, vocab, listening and speaking.

Memories for my 2012 year at NPGHS

Hi I'm Jonnie I came from the Philippines. My favourite colours are Black, Brown, and pastel colours. My favourite music is A thousand years and Hillsongs My favourite movie is Twilight and A walk to remember My favourite book is a Bible My favourite hooby is hanging out with my friends, fellowshiping together, Sleepover and Movie Night My favourite sports is Badminton and Volleyball My favourite day is when I came here in New Plymouth. My best memory is when I went to Rotorua together with my friends on a re-treat. In the car when along in Waitomo I felt dizziness and I threw up because I haven't eat my breakfast. My uncle bought me a hot chocolate and bread to eat. There's so much fun when I came at Rotorua because that is my first time of out of town in New Zealand. It is a long road trip to go there but we rented a house in Rotorua for 3 days. The house we rented was a very wonderful house somewhere at the beach. We made a bonfire there and heated the marcshmallows and also took pictures together.

Memories for my 2012 Year 10 at NPGHS

Hello!!! everyone My name is Patty. I come frome Thailand. This is my first year in New Zealand at NPGHS. My favourite colours are purple and yellow. I like to read comic books. My hobbies are playing computer and watching movies and playing violin. I do not like pets. I always go to the gym with my mom. My best achievment in 2012 is Visual Art I got excellence. My best memory from Esol 2012 at NGPHS were I have a lovely Esol teacher, Mrs.Kindler and my lovely friends in class from the different country. I lived in New Plymouth with my mom and my older sister she lived in Auckland with homestay. My goal for this year is to achieve in every subject. I joined the badminton club after school for one term.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Soo's photos

This block is H block. It is the old cooking building.
This is the path to the school swimming pool. Next year we have swimming there.
This is the cottage. It is used for special exams. By Soo