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Friday, September 10, 2010

Matilda - Bingying

I recommend the book "Matilda" by Roald Dalh to the children who love reading.
The book is related to Fantasy as the main character has special magic powers.
It is about a girl name Matilda Wormwood, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Wormwood, younger sister of a boy name Micheal. Matilda is smart, very smart, but her parents care about nothing but themselves, her school headteacher dislikes her. But Matilda is way too smart to be treated like a freak, smart people have smart ideas, a series of humour revenge start to do its job.
The story is easy and pleasant, it relaxes people by showing people the punishment set upon bad people to let them get what they deserve.
"Matilda" tells children bad people get bad endings, good people get good endings. It also teaches some preschool kids how to do the two times table, and how to spell "cat" and "what".
P.S:I expect the movie to be great.

MATILDA! by euniece! :P

Matilda is a really good movie i think!
This is the first time i notice that some parents are really bad.
This is a book of fantasy i think! Because matilda can lift up things using her eyes! However this story tells us about money either! because her parents are so obesess with their money. And they're always leaving matilda alone! Thats very irresponsible thing do! and they don't care about their children! But in someways Matilda is so lovely girl coz she is really clever and that why Miss Honey likes her so much and she is really respecful to others and she was also a very great example to some children. She had a great talent and she can do heaps of different things that we can't do. A nd we can learn more things about this story! :)I hope you can watch or read the story of Matilda to know about the really clever girl like us haha!
I recommend this book because its really great to know and about some really clever child.

Matilda by Dolly ..

It is kind of magic book or fantasy. It is a really nice book . It is about a girl named Matilda who has the power to move things with her eyes. She was so clever. Her parents don't care about her. She went to school late bacause her parents forgot to send her and her head teacher Miss Thunchbull is really bad and she loathes children and her class teacher is Miss Honey and she is very nice. Poor Matilda is ignored at home she escaped to the world of reading and exercising her mind so much she develops telekinetic powers.For more read the book.In conclusion I would like to say that this is a very good book it make you escape in to the world of reading so please enjoy.You can read and also see the movie.:)

Thursday, September 02, 2010


I recommend this book because I think it is a really nice book!

This is a story of a little girl who tried to fly 16 geese to Canada with her Dad and her friends. This is easy to understand for us.

Also the movie was so nice! Amy was a good girl, cute and strong but I like Susan too because she is kind to Amy :)

I think this book has some messages. Maybe it tells us if you have some big or tiny problem which is hard to do but if you try it again , again and again ...you can do it!!!

Mother hood and Isolation is the theme of the book.

In conclusion... I like this story which makes me happy also when Iwas reading at home I was comletely absorbed in this story!!

Thank you:)

Fly Away Home AYANO 10WD

I recommend this book because I cried a lot. It was impressive .

I watched just half of this movie, but the ending was so great .

Because Amy who is a little girl , flew from America to Canada by herself and the 16 geese !

She wasn't afraid to fly alone. She is a very strong girl , I think .

I got a message from this movie. Which is '' Never give up.''

Because Amy didn't give up.

I agree with Amy 's Dad's opinion, he decided that Amy flies alone with 16 geese because he had dislocated his shoulder. I think his judgement was correct.

Fly Away Home-linh

I recommend this book because it was very interesting. It is a story about Amy- a little girl found a nest of goose' s eggs and she teaches them to fly without their mother. This story is telling us need to protect animals, bravery and creativity are good things, nothing is too hard for you and you can do it. The language in this book is easy to understand for us.....It was a adventure book for anyone.