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Monday, June 27, 2011

Creative Writing

I looked down and realised I could hear nothing over the sound of my heart pounding in my ears like a rabbit jumping. I don't know. How can I do it? It's like the sight of more sunshine in my eyes. I know I have won!

Last year my Chinese school had a once a year talent and skill competition. My dance and music teacher wanted me to join. I liked it. But I did not really want to go because my dance teacher told me I had a strong and powerful competitor. Her name was Lucy. I saw her dance before, her basic training was good, better than mine. I was worried and I was scared, I wanted to tell my ballet teacher,"I don't want to go!" My music teacher saw through my heart and gained an insight into my mind and my heart...so soon.

She said "I want to talk to you." At lunchtime I went to her office and I told her what I thought. I will never forget the talk she gave me. "Your singing is better than Lucy's Why don't you try? If you try, maybe you can win. If you don't try you will always lose. I think you can do it. Remember Indigo blue is extracted from the Indigo plant but is bluer than the plant it comes from." The talk finished. I wanted to try. I didn't want to lose. My confidence came back. For two weeks I practised ballet, danced and sang. I was so busy, but I was so happy. I could do it and I was making a great effort.

Two weeks went past quickly. The competition came. I was the 8th competitor. Lucy was second. I saw her dance and she was so perfect. I'm wrong again and I felt anxious. I told my heart, "I can do it, I'm better than her. I can!"
Then the teacher said, "It is your turn." I went on stage. The music started. I started to dance and sing. I forgot the world. I immersed myself in the music. The song felt so long. The song ended at last. I was lightly breathing, I waited for the judging panel to award my points, 98!! The highest points. I gave little cry. I accomplished it. I was excited! I beat Lucy! I defeated her myself!

Whenever I remember that time, when I face any difficulty, I believe I can defeat it. I remember my teacher's saying. Indigo blue is extracted from the indigo pplant but is bluer than the plant it comes from.

Mina Yr 10

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Favourite Character in Fly Away Home

In the following essay I am going to describe the character of Amy's father in ‘Fly Away Home’ and discuss why I like him.
He interests me very mach for many reasons. First, I think he is a real inventor. He has invented a lot of amazing things, like the aeroplane, the spaceship, and the really cool refrigerator. But no one remembered him, everyone thinks he is crazy, even his wife and daughter! "Remember, she thought I was crazy for doing it" this is what his wife thought about him. He must feel very alone. Although no one trusted him, no one stood by him. Although he felt alone and sad, he still insists on his dream and never gives up. He is an inventor and also a dreamer. He told Amy that when she has a dream she should always work for it and never give up until she achieves it.
He loves Amy, although Amy said, "I'm not a baby.You don't have to hold my hand.", he still tries his best to help Amy. He made an aeroplane for Amy, and taught Amy how to fly.
He loves animals,and looks after the geese when Amy goes to school....
So he is the character I like best in the book and the movie, he taught me a lot.


Two Events In Fly Away Home

In this essay I am going to describe two events that happened in "Fly Away Home" by Patricia Hermes that I could relate to.

Amy is a young brave girl who had lost her mum at such a young age. Therefore she had to move with her dad in Canada and leave her country. I can really relate to it because I left my country when I was 13 year's old as well. Leaving your country and being apart with your friends is such a hard thing to do. When Amy says "You're crazy!this place is crazy!I don't like you!I want mum." This shows how lonely she really is and how she couldn't stand that place. Also how she misses her country and her mum.

The second event that I can relate to is when Amy adopted the geese. Raising those geese is fun but hard too. I have pets that I raised as well and it would really make you angry if somebody tried to hurt them. When Amy says "Can I keep them? Please?" this shows how she cares for those geese and "You've got to feed them
every two hours." also shows how determined she is to raise them.

Leaving your country and raising some pets with love and care are things that I really could relate to in "Fly Away Home".


Fly Away Home

In the following essay I am going to describe an important moment in 'Fly Away Home' by Patricia Hermes and discuss why I thought it was an important moment. Amy is a young teenager and she is the main charactor in the story. She came home without her mother. Her mother died in a car crash.

The first important moment, I think is when Amy found the goose eggs in the bush and she decided she'll be their mother. I think this story started from this moment.
Then she carried some eggs to a warm place. She takes care of them really well. "You'll be OK now.I promise. your mum's not here but you're going to be OK" Why was she was so kind to them? I think she doesn't have a mother, so she understands what it is to be really sad about 'living without a mom'.

After a few months, geese grow up and they have to fly to a warm place. "The birds will fly with Amy. And she'll fly with me. We'll all go south" They practice to fly with Amy and Amy's dad. I think this moment is second most important in this story. They practised eveyday. Then, they could fly and they travelled toward the warm place. I was impressed with this moment and I like it. Because they couldn't fly before. I think they need to fly with their mom but, they could fly without their mom. I think these are important moments in "Fly Away Home".


Fly Away Home

I'm going to describe a main character and say why I liked her.

Amy is young teenager who lived in New Zealand with her mother,and her father lives in Canada. But her mother was killed in a car accident, so the girl now lives in Canada with her father. She doesn't like him, and he lives in the middle of a marsh with his girl friend. He likes to fly in his aeroplane. It was made by him, and he crashed, so she thinks he is crazy. One day, the trees on his marsh were felled. The girl doesn't like school, so she didn't go to the school and she didn't tell her father. She found sixteen geese's eggs. When she found the eggs, she thought "Can I be their mother and smile to them?". After that she went to her father's workshop to find a safe place for the eggs's and she carried them. She raised them after that. The geese always followed her. They needed to migrate to a warm place, so she flew there with her geese in her father's aeroplane by herself.

I like her,because she is kind and brave. I have never lost my mother, so I can't understand her feelings, but I think she felt pain. She moved new place,and she had to live there with her father and her father's girl friend, and she raised sixteen geese. The geese had to fly to America,but Amy can't fly, because she is human, but she flew there for them. She is brave, so I like her.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fly Away Home - essay example

In the following essay I am going to describe the character of Amy in ‘Fly Away Home’ by Patricia Hermes and discuss why I like her character.

Amy is a young teenager who goes to live with her father in Canada after her mother dies in a car crash. She is independent, this is shown when she rescues and raises sixteen geese all by herself. When Amy says'……… . This shows us that she is also a caring person. She is very determined. This is shown when she flies the plane all the way to America and the geese follow her. She even flies the last little stretch without her dad. ‘……………………’ Also shows she is determined.

I like Amy’s character from Fly Away home because she never gives up. When she says ‘…………………’ this shows she is strong. I like the way that she adapts to a new way of life. I can relate to this because I came to live in NZ when I was 13 and I found it hard starting again and making new friends.

In conclusion, I think Amy’s character is independent, caring, determined and strong. This is shown in many ways throughout the book. I like her character because she is determined and I can relate to her.

Ms Kindler