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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Babe - Book Review

Babe The Sheep Pig

The sheep pig is an adventure book. The farmer wins a little pig in a festival and then goes with the pig to his farm. In this place, the pig meets new dogs, sheep, cats, new animals and new friends. The little pigs wants to run with the dogs and work with the farmer. The dog is the new Mum for the little pig and went from little pig to sheep-pig. This pig helped the sheep with the other farmer's dogs and talked about this with the sheep. He's not a bad animal, he only works and then the farmer wants to go to a competition with the sheep pig. The winner will have $1,000,000 and the farmer needs the money. The sheep-pigs wins the competition and has 100 points from all of the judges.

This book is really interesting and has a good message for the people because when you have a goal, you need to learn new things. People's colour, culture, language etc. is not important. The most important thing is the values and honesty.

In my opinion, the little pig helped the other animals and the farmer. He doesn't need the money, he only wants true friends and a new farm. He represents honesty, respect and big love. He is cute and clever. This is only a little pig, but he's the most important pig and is really friendly, generous and adventurous.

I would recommend this book to kids and young people because it is an important inspiration for the world. The young people make a difference to our world with the 'little things' using their values.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Arts Week - International Parade

Students you look fantastic! What a colourful, wonderful group of costumes and flags.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Athletics Sports 2015

The weather was kind to us with a day that wasn't too hot or too cold. Wonderful chanting and dancing once again. Along with a lot of running, shotput, javelin, longjump, relays, highjump and fun!

Swimming Sports 2015

We had a great day at the NPGHS swimming sports. Lots of chanting, swimming and singing. Well done girls for getting involved.