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Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Last Weekend


I've doing some interesting things in the last weekend. On Friday I went to a sleep over in the church; when I went on there and saw my friends we played a lot; we’ve played Ping-Pong, cricket, ball and others games. Later more people came, so we went to sleep, but we didn’t sleep really we just played card games and talked until 2:00 AM!!.

We woke up at 9:00 AM, Saturday and I was very tired, then we ate pancakes and played more Ping-Pong. Later when we finished the sleep over and my sister and I decided to go to a garage-sale in Woodleigh School, and we bought pretty nice things.
Then we went to the beach and I flew a nice kite in the wind; then I got tired and came back home.

On Sunday we went to the church, and my sister and I gave to my dad a card a “Father’s day” card. Then we went to the beach again and stayed there until it was time for my skating class, I had a good weekend and a had a good time.

By Paula


Pegah's Plane Ride

Hi ! I am Pegah.
I am from Iran (it's in the Middle east).
I am going to write about our flight to New zealand.
So when we went to airport it was 3 o'clock in the middle of the night !!!
All of our family were coming to the airport to say good bye and in the last minutes, most of them were crying:(
Then we get in the aeroplane & listened to the pilot speaking (so boring!).And then the aeroplane started to take off.
We were in the aeroplane for 4 hours .... I  can't exactly remember it! until we arrived in Dubai airport.
And we had another boring wait until we got on the aeroplane to go to Sydney...Can you even think of that?!?From Dubai to Sydney!! It's a really really long way and also boring.
When we arrived in Sydney I was so tired because we were in the aeroplane for 15 hours and just sitting !
I didn't want to go on any aeroplane again but I had to go on two another air planes....oh god !
So when we arrived in New Zealand - Auckland (from Sydney) I was so glad :)

Weekends By annu:*)

Hi. I am Annu. I'm writing about my weekends.
My weekends are sometimes so boring. But I enjoy NZ life.
Last weekend I went to pool with my Japanese friends.
It was so fun. But when a wave came we thought we might die.haha
 I was tired. I had a very nice Saturday:)
The next day I was so bored. Because there was nothing to do.
so I thought "what should I do?" I've got an idea. I should go to town.
But My house is in the country side so I can't go to town by myself.
I felt it's not nice.
So I thought about my what I should do again.
"Oh I should take photos^^My host family has a cat and cows.
And fantastic views. I love take photos. So I took many photos and I learned  about my camera.
for example how to take better photos.
I should learn more about cameras. hehe
And I made Japanese food for lunch by myself.
I made Udon tsukemen gomadarehuumi !haha
it was so yum;] I love Udon so much.
Oh I miss japanese foods:) haha But I have just 3 month so  I should be patient.

I wanna make Japanese foods for my host family.
but if they don't like it I might feel sorry. So I can't make Japanese foods for my host family.
And I watched Japanese movie. It was an awesome movie.
I had a very nice day.

But in my weekend I don't talk with my host family. So I wanna talk to them:*)
Because I can speak English very well and we can get on well:p

 >>>by annu