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Friday, February 25, 2011

The electric fence

It was a fun sunny day my tutor group was split in half. My half of the group were doing the electric fence. I was soo excited and so were the girls in my group. They were all screaming like a squeaking bird. My team put our heads together and thought of a plan of how we were going to lift all of us over the electric fence, so we decided that Julia and Kayjin should lift the light people over first. I felt sorry for Julia and Kayjin because they had to lift all of us over. I could hear their muscles crumble. My team looked like professional cheerleaders. We jumped and flipped over the electric fence.
Eka Yr9


About twelve thirty pm, my tutor class and I went to the Northgate bridge for the abseiling activity. All of my friends were very scared by how high the bridge was when they looked down. The man who was the guard for abseiling told us what we had to do and what not to do. Then we got started. I volunteered to go fourth because my friends went before me so I thought I should try it and I did. I went twice and I enjoyed it very much. The scariest thing that freaked me out was climbing over the bridge.
Mandy Yr 9

Rifle shooting

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had our outdoor activities with my tutor class. My best activity was rifle shooting because I got to be chosen for the group that has to go first, so Kevin was the man who was giving the demonstration about how to use the rifle and especially hunting the ducks. So we put on our glasses to get ready for aiming at our targets and I was the one who didn't get the bulls eye, but at least I was trying hard to improve my shooting skills.

Jasmine Yr 9

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

The Esol staff and students of NPGHS would like to offer their sincere condolences to the people involved in Tuesday's devastating earthquake. Our hearts are with those who have lost family members and friends and also those overseas students in Christchurch who are so far away from home at this difficult time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swimming Sports 2011

Last Thursday NPGHS had our yearly swimming sports. Everyone got dressed in their house colours and looked great. There was a lot of swimming, cheering and singing going on. We had great fun!

Well done everyone!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

My time at Girls High!!!!!

I have had a lot of fun during my time at Girls' High so far. I enjoyed the fun and exciting experiences that I did at Girls High like making new friends, giving everything a go and I am thankful that my parents chose Girls' High school for me. I have had no difficulties in any of my lessons yet and I feel great. I think Esol class is great fun because I can meet new international students and learn many new things.

My first day

On my first day of school it was a bit nerve wracking but I got used to it after a while. It took me two weeks to find where all my classes were but the older girls were really friendly and showed me around the school. I find english a bit hard but I'm learning a lot everyday. I made lots of new friends and got involved in lots of things. I'm never bored when I go to school there's always fun things to do like playing a variety of sports, music and hanging out with my friends, so I can't wait to spend more of my years at NPGHS.

My first week

When I first attended NPGHS, I was feeling a bit odd, but I made some new friends so they showed me around all over school and my nerves were settling down a bit.

I really like NPGHS, but my hardest thing is learning English, it was the hardest thing ever, but I am really trying to improve my english.


My new school

This is my second week in new school. I am used to all here. On Monday to Friday was a busy and again happy course. In the morning tea and in the noon lunch the room was full of talking. And on occasion I may study the elder sisters's discussion about classroom and affairs in school. In the weekend I was with some Korean friends to go to beach or swimming pool. It is so funny. And sometime we go to the town, to go shopping. I have lots of friends at NPGHS, some Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. My best friend is in my roommate Lunar, another roommate Anna and May, and a chinese girl in school, her name is Ivy. Before her brother and my brother were friends in Boys' High school. I think my new life is so pretty.

My New School

My last week was nice because I could make a lot of international friends. They are very kind to me so I like NPGHS!! But English is so hard for me. I have to learn hard from my host family, my teachers and my friends.

My new school

My new school I feel it is so interesting. And, I'm very tired because it's only English. Everyone speaks English too fast for me. Everyday, I'm confused... :( I will get better soon :)

My new school

I like NPGHS because, everyone is very kind, but I can't understand English very well and I can't speak English very well. I'm always mixed up. I want to speak English very well soon.

My first week


This is my first week at school. I feel very good. First I met my teachers, they're all very friendly and nice, and I took a walk around the school, the school is very big and beautiful, and I think the pool is really nice. The class is a little difficult for me, especially the English class, but the teachers are all patient and help me a lot. And I have some new friends, some Chinese, and some kiwi friends.

My holiday in Korea

Last December, I went back to Korea for my summer holiday. It was summer here but in Korea it was the middle of a cold winter. So I felt really cold when I arrived in Korea. However, I met my Mom and my family and I started to meet my friends again. I really enjoyed my holiday. I watched some movies, nolaebang(karaoke), went to town for shopping, took sticker pictures, visited cafes, had lunch or dinner with my friends and played in their home or in my house. I had lot's and lot's of fun there so it was hard to leave. Now I'm really looking foward to going back to Korea next time.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Welcome to Our New Esol Students for 2011

It is our pleasure to welcome our new Esol students for 2011. We have new students from Germany, Korea, Vanuatu, Japan, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Chile, Columbia, and Papua New Guinea. It is a privilege to have these students studying with us at NPGHS and we are grateful that their time here will enrich our school enormously. We hope you enjoy your time with us here and make the most of your NZ experience.

Some new arrivals with their Esol teacher Ms. Kindler.

Students enjoying tabloid sports this afternoon at school.