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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baking Chocolate Muffins

Yesterday the Year 10s baked some Chocolate muffins. They did very well and the muffins were delicious hot. 
Here is the recipe:
Chocolate Choc Chip Muffins
2 cups self-raising flour
¾ cup sugar
½ cup oil
1 cup of milk
1 egg
3 T cocoa powder
1 cup of chocolate chips
1.       Mix wet ingredients and beat for 2 minutes.
2.       Add dry sifted ingredients.
3.       Put into greased muffin trays.
4.       Cook at 180-200°c for 20-25 mins.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Whalerider

In the film Whalerider by Nicky Caro a main character is Pai. This essay is going to describe Pai and explain why I liked this character. Whalerider is a story about a young girl who is the next descendent in a long line of chiefs. But her grandfather doesn't want to have a girl for a leader. The movie is about Pai's struggle to prove herself  to her grandfather as a leader, a struggle which she eventually wins.

An important scene is when Pai swims underwater to get Koro's necklace. This scene is important because it shows Pai's leadership. This long shot shows when Pai swims underwater to get the necklace. It makes me feel that Pai is able to be a leader and she will do anything for that.

An other important scene is when Pai tried to talk to Hemi about a personal problem. This scene also shows Pai's leadership because she's able to talk to people and understand their feelings. In the medium shot the scene shows when Pai finished school she saw Hemi smoking, and she realises that he needed help, so she tried be kind and speak to him. I think Pai is very kind to try to help people who need it and that is another thing that shows Pai leadership skills.

Also other important scene is when Pai repaired a boat with a broken string. When his grandfather taught Pai about the ancestors with a string and his grandfather used that string to repair the boat, he broke it, but Pai could repair it. In this long shot we can see how Pai is repairing the boat of her grandfather with the string. I think that's very smart because to repair a boat is not a easy thing to do, and of course it shows another thing about Pai's ability for leader ship.

In conclusion the scene of Pai swiming for get her grandfather necklace is important because this long shot shows that Pai is able to be a leader. Pai also shows leadership by being kind and trying to help Hemi, this is a midshot and we can see how she tries to speak to him to resolve his personal problems. The boat scene is also an important thing, this scene is show as a long shot and we can see when Koro is teaching Pai about the ancesters with a string that he used to repair the boat but is broken, and Pai could repair it with the string broken, this scene is very important and also shows Pai's leadership. All these verbal and visual scenes put together shows that Pai is an important character because she will be a good leader so we can understand it.

By Paula


Pai's Character

In the film Whale Rider the character Pai is a strong ,brave and confident girl. Verbal and visual features about Pai helps her stand out. She is a good and also a main character because the film is about her past, present and the future.

Pai is a strong girl. She has had a hard life but she hardly ever crys and always was good with everyone; For example when her grand father and grandmother were fighting and shouting in a room and talking about her badly, She didn't show that she was sad and didn't cry. This make me feel that maybe I couldn't be as strong as Pai if this would happen to me.

Pai is also a brave girl in the movie. She did many things even when she was scared of that thing. When the grand father throws the whales tooth necklace in the water, so the other boys tried to get that necklace but they couldn't so Pai tried and went deep in the ocean and got it.This makes me feel that nothing is impossible.

In the film whale rider the character Pai is a girl full of confidence. She is never shy or without confidence to do some thing that others are shy to do.When she is dancing and singing a song loudly infront of many people, this makes me feel that Pai is a fully confident girl.

In conclusion, the character Pai is a brave, strong and confident girl. This is shown by performing a speech in front of  people while her grand father didn't come for her to listen to her speech. Or when she was diving into the deep ocean and getting the necklace. All verbal and visual features in the film worked together to show us that Pai is a brave girl, with confidence and a strong girl.

By Pegah

International Farewell

Congratulations to all our leavers for 2013. We thank you for studying with us and wish you all the best for your future. It has been a privilege having you here at NPGHS. Go well and keep in touch.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Last Weekend


I've doing some interesting things in the last weekend. On Friday I went to a sleep over in the church; when I went on there and saw my friends we played a lot; we’ve played Ping-Pong, cricket, ball and others games. Later more people came, so we went to sleep, but we didn’t sleep really we just played card games and talked until 2:00 AM!!.

We woke up at 9:00 AM, Saturday and I was very tired, then we ate pancakes and played more Ping-Pong. Later when we finished the sleep over and my sister and I decided to go to a garage-sale in Woodleigh School, and we bought pretty nice things.
Then we went to the beach and I flew a nice kite in the wind; then I got tired and came back home.

On Sunday we went to the church, and my sister and I gave to my dad a card a “Father’s day” card. Then we went to the beach again and stayed there until it was time for my skating class, I had a good weekend and a had a good time.

By Paula


Pegah's Plane Ride

Hi ! I am Pegah.
I am from Iran (it's in the Middle east).
I am going to write about our flight to New zealand.
So when we went to airport it was 3 o'clock in the middle of the night !!!
All of our family were coming to the airport to say good bye and in the last minutes, most of them were crying:(
Then we get in the aeroplane & listened to the pilot speaking (so boring!).And then the aeroplane started to take off.
We were in the aeroplane for 4 hours .... I  can't exactly remember it! until we arrived in Dubai airport.
And we had another boring wait until we got on the aeroplane to go to Sydney...Can you even think of that?!?From Dubai to Sydney!! It's a really really long way and also boring.
When we arrived in Sydney I was so tired because we were in the aeroplane for 15 hours and just sitting !
I didn't want to go on any aeroplane again but I had to go on two another air planes....oh god !
So when we arrived in New Zealand - Auckland (from Sydney) I was so glad :)

Weekends By annu:*)

Hi. I am Annu. I'm writing about my weekends.
My weekends are sometimes so boring. But I enjoy NZ life.
Last weekend I went to pool with my Japanese friends.
It was so fun. But when a wave came we thought we might die.haha
 I was tired. I had a very nice Saturday:)
The next day I was so bored. Because there was nothing to do.
so I thought "what should I do?" I've got an idea. I should go to town.
But My house is in the country side so I can't go to town by myself.
I felt it's not nice.
So I thought about my what I should do again.
"Oh I should take photos^^My host family has a cat and cows.
And fantastic views. I love take photos. So I took many photos and I learned  about my camera.
for example how to take better photos.
I should learn more about cameras. hehe
And I made Japanese food for lunch by myself.
I made Udon tsukemen gomadarehuumi !haha
it was so yum;] I love Udon so much.
Oh I miss japanese foods:) haha But I have just 3 month so  I should be patient.

I wanna make Japanese foods for my host family.
but if they don't like it I might feel sorry. So I can't make Japanese foods for my host family.
And I watched Japanese movie. It was an awesome movie.
I had a very nice day.

But in my weekend I don't talk with my host family. So I wanna talk to them:*)
Because I can speak English very well and we can get on well:p

 >>>by annu

Monday, August 12, 2013

Chiyoda High School,Tokyo, Japan - Short Course

Over the last two weeks we have had a short course at NPGHS with some wonderful students from Chiyoda High School in Tokyo, Japan. The students came with their teacher Mrs. Mukasa and later were joined by four more students and another teacher, Mr. Iijima for two days. We thank them for coming to our school and we hope they enjoyed their time with us. Our visitors had a powhiri, learned about pois and weaving, studied ESOL for three days and gave a wonderful presentation. Then they were joined by 'buddies' from NPGHS where they attended classes. During the weekends they went for a farm visit, to our wonderful Pukekura park and are off to Rotorua today. Finally, they go home to Japan on Wednesday. We thank them for the opportunity for us to learn more about Japan. We really enjoyed your friendship and getting to know you. Best wishes for the future. Please view the photos to see what everyone got up to.

NPGHS Open Night

NPGHS held its 'Open Evening' last week. This is the ESOL display, it looks great doesn't it?

Monday, July 29, 2013

New International Students

Welcome to term 3!! We would like to extend a warm welcome to our two new International students, Magot and Juliana. They are both here for only this term. We hope your stay is a happy one.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

International Assembly (more photos)

Don't they look amazing? Awesome job girls.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Welcome to New Students

A warm welcome to our new overseas students from Iran and Norway. We hope your time here is productive and fun.

International Assembly

Well done students for a fantastic International Assembly. Thanks to all who came in traditional costume and those who danced. Thank you to the speakers who introduced everyone and of course Ms. Blackwell for her work in organising things.