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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Miona's Farewell

Farewell and all the best for the future Miona, we have loved having you at our school.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Farewell Message

International Chiyoda Farewell

We said farewell to the wonderful Chiyoda students from Tokyo, Japan today. They showed us a fantastic presentation. We will miss your smiley faces girls, all the best for the future.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Film review

'' WHALE RIDER'' is a historical movie and it's about the next chief of the ''Whale Rider''.
the theme is Love, Family, and Leader ship.This movie was bit difficult for me. Because sometimes they use Maori language and  hard words. But second time I watched this movie, I could understand it more than the first time. I think this movie  has a message for people who  watching this movie.
I think the message is ''It is very important to challenge something with courage''. I don't do it much so I think I should challenge myself for something big. I like this movie because I can learn more about Maori and there is lots of unusual culture. And it is fun to learn it too :) My favourite character in this movie is Pai's aunt. Because she loves Pai, and she's kind, and she looks strange. This movie is a very good movie. So I would like to recommend this movie to everyone.

Whale rider is a fantastic film to watch. It is about a leader named Paikea that had riden a whale all the way from Hawaiiki to New Zealand. There’s a special message in this film saying girls aren’t able to become leaders only boys can. What it shows you in the film is that the main character Pai (also known as Paikea) proves Koro wrong and in the end she becomes a leader. In conclusion the movie shows lots of leadership, lots of fighting and is good to get to know more about the Maori history!

                                                                             By  Malissa 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Chiyoda Students Enjoying our Non-Exam Programme

The Chiyoda students have had a wonderful week, learning conversational English and preparing their resources and lessons to teach Japanese to primary school children.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Whale Rider

Whale Rider is a historical film, about a little girl who is willing to fight for what she wants (in this case she wants be a chief of her tribe) and she has a lot of good qualities. Also she shows in this film that everything can be achieved if we are willing to dream. It's not difficult to understand, is a very well developed film. In conclusion, the movie shows many of good things, as much fight for what we want, and other many of good things.

Whale Rider is a movie that I would recommend!! By Valeria

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Film Review of Whale Rider

Whale Rider is a historical film based on a New Zealand legend of Paikea directed by Nicky Caro. It revolves around a girl, Paikea. She is the next chief of their tribe even if her grandfather is against it because of ancient traditions and beliefs. The theme of the Whale Rider is about love and trust towards your family. Every film has a message, and the Whale Rider has too. That message is that no matter what the hindrances are, if you really want something, you should work hard to achieve it.

Image result for whale riderThe film is easy to understand because  the flow of the story is straightforward. The scenes were wonderful and made the movie more interesting. I like the film because it taught me a moral lesson, which is believing in yourself and hard work is more important than what others say. I like Paikea the most because, despite her grandfather not believing in her, she showed him that she was suitable to become the next chief of their tribe.

Overall, Whale Rider is one of the best movies you should watch with your family, because it is amusing and somehow educational since it is about Maori history.

By Tida