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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NPGHS 125th Jubilee Variety Concert - International Students

New Plymouth Girls' High School celebrated its 125th Jubilee this Labour weekend. Here are some photos of the Variety Concert on Sunday the 24th October showing the involvement of the International students.

A traditional Japanese fan dance performed by the Kunei High School students on a year's exchange to NPGHS.

Some Pacific Island International students performing a traditional dance.

Korean International students performing modern Korean dancing.

Modern Asian Dance performed by a range of International students.

Classical Thai Dancing

Our fantastic International Leader co-hosting the show.

Singing the school song at the closing of the 125th Jubilee celebrations.
Awesome effort girls!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My last holiday in Rotorua! Yuka Tsuji 10 GD :)

I went to Rotorua on the last holiday for 3 nights and 4 days.!! I met my Japanese friends with 87 students plus teachers!! We had 4 exams! A big English test, Japanese, Math, and English!!! They were so hard for me! :( But we had some activities. We went to the Agrodome which has a show about cutting sheep's hair.The smell was so bad but it was interesting!:) Also we went to kidsworld they were soooo cute!! The hotel was nice and the every meal was lovely!And we went to the Polynesian spa!!!! It was very nice:) I talked about lots of things with my friends during the nights.The holidays were my last holidays for my New Zealand life. Many things happened on this holiday. I won't forget these cool holidays! never!!:>Thank you for reading .See ya!

\\\(:*Love from yuka *:)///

My last holiday during my stay in New Zealand AYANO 10WD

I went to Rotorua to meet my friends, I had lots of exams and did some activities from 27th to 30th of September. I had a very special time with my friends over there. We went to the agrodome and hot springs for activities! The sheep were so big and so smart in the agrodome. I was surprised! But it didn't smell good there. The hot spring was so nice! The water was nice and warm! I want to go to there AGAIN!! And we had Japanese meal for lunch, it was so delicious! I dreamed about eating my mum's meals. I'm so hungry for Japanese food.

I had exams. They were so hard. I couldn't do it very well. But never mind :) That's ok! haha

I talked about lots of things with my friends every night. I didn't sleep very well, but it was so fun! I took so many photos with my friends!

I will never forget about my last holiday during my stay in New Zealand!

My last holliday

Last holliday, I went to Wellington with my friend and we stayed in my Uncle' house. Everything in Wellington is so different there. There are many buildings, many people walking on the road and a lot of shops everywhere. We went to the famous building in Wellington - Beehive, it is awesome and really beautiful. There are many buses from the cheapest to most expensive, and we tried the most expensive bus which had the internet. We went shopping, bought some clothes and shoes. We tried to drink 'momo tea' (Chinese milk tea) - It was so good and tofu, chicken' wings and the chocolate ice cream that had been freshly made. We met some new friends there and we took a lot of photos and had fun, we still keep in contact with them. My friend and I will go back to Wellington one day.
from: Linh

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Impressions of " NZ* "

I'm going to talk about " What is my IMAGINATION " before I came to New Zealand.

I imagined NZ's ::
Population : not much or normal.

The weather : It's nice.

Climate : cold but no snow.

Personality : have to or must be on time
not late.

Social : Maori says " Hi " by Nose to Nose

Food : eat a lot of SEAFOOD.

Now I came here and I found that something is true. Just something. but it's not when it is raining. " The Food " They don't eat a lot of seafood even if the sea is around because the SALARY is very HIGH. Another part of my imagination is as I thought.

Therefore, I conclude that

NZ* is a very nice country or place for traveling for a short time, some things are exactly as I thought.

PS. " NZ has got something special that you will never know if you don't come. "

My first thoughts about nz

I'm going to write about what I thought before I came to New Zealand. What I thought about New Zealand was a very quiet country and many animals for example I thought New Zealand had many grass-coverd plains so there were many sheep or cows and many horses. But I couldn't see that many sheeps or cows. Maybe I think it's not true.

I thought New Zealand weather was sunny always. But NZ weather is rainy sometimes. I don't like rainy days. I thought New Zealand had beautiful beaches. I think New Plymouth's black send beach is very beautiful. I like New Plymouth beach!! I thought New Zealand had lots of Korean food. But New Plymouth just has a little bit of Korean food. It's very expensive. So New Zealand is same as what I thought.

-anna kang-

My first thoughts about NewZealand :).....Linh

Before I came here, I didn't know much about NZ, I just imagined in my mind about NZ where it has a lot of animal and special Kiwi birds. I saw on the TV many horses, cows, sheep....And I knew that different kind of people are living in NZ: Maori people. They're the first people who lived in NZ.
In NZ, the weather is a little different than in my country. It's really windy and rainy in the winter. I can't walk or ride bike because it's very windy, but you can see a lot of rainbows here, they're ususally in the sky when it's raining and sunny. In summer, it's not really hot just 26-27 degrees. My uncle told me that in winter it's very cold and rains so hard that I don't like it. The Kiwi fruit made me so supprised because I haven't seen it before and I really wanted to try it. The first thing I was very worried about was the education in NZ. I was very happy because I just had to choose 5 subjects and school went from 8.40 to 3.20. Now, when I came here, I know everything is true...

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncakes (Kiwi Style)

At the end of last term we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival (22nd September 2010) by making (and eating) some Chinese Mooncakes. Well, they weren't quite as professional as the real thing but they tasted yummy. Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated as part of the lunar calendar and the little mooncakes are supposed to look like the moon. As you can see we had fun!

Here's the simple Moon Cake recipe from
1/4 cup sugar
2 egg yolks
1/2 cup salted butter
1 cup self raising flour
1/2 jar jam (or red bean paste - traditional)
Preheat the oven to 190 c
Mix butter, sugar and 1 egg yolk and stir
Mix in flour
Put dough into one ball and wrap in glad wrap
Put in fridge for 30 minutes
Take out and unwrap
Make small balls in the palms of your hand
Make a hole in the centre with your thumb
Fill hole with jam or bean paste
Brush each mooncake with egg yolk
Bake for about 20 minutes or till edges are slightly brown
Yum Yum!!