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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Selma film review - Daniela

Selma  one dream can change the world

Selma is an historical film directed by Ava Duvernay , it is about justice.

The main idea is the discrimination against the people of color.

The film has a message , the message is that , all the people we are equal, no matter the color or size are all people with equal rights , no one deserves to be discriminated .

The film is sometimes difficult to understand because sometimes the people speak so fast or cry and I don't understood what they say .

I like the scenes because they were very real for example the scenes, the protest.

I like the film because I learned about Martin Luther King and his important revolution, the discrimination in this time. for the negro people.

I like the character  Martin Luther King best because, he is the one who gave hope to the negro people, the desire to fight for their rights.

In this movie I learned so much about American history, it was very bad that people of color were being unfairly discriminated.

Selma- film review Shino

Describing the Film
This movie is kind of historical, it is about freedom. I think this movie has some messages. First message is about racial discrimination. They fought to get their own suffrage. Also the movie has message that we must not discriminate by religion and skin colour and so on.

My Opinion of the Film
This movie is sometimes difficult for me to understand the subject because sometimes people  cried but  I couldn't understand why they cried. But I could understand most of parts. And I could understand that we mustn't discriminate to people. And I like first scene. Because I like speech. His speech is really good one and I was touched by his speech, so I love his speech and first scene. I like some part of scene but I don't like some part of scene. Because I don't like discrimination but I think we have to know serious histories about discrimination.

I like the main character. Because he is really cool and nice person. He did not only thinking but also taking action. It seems easy but in fact it is really difficult. But he did that, so I think he is an awesome person and I respect him. On the whole, I would say that this movie is good to know serious history of America. I studied about discrimination before but I could know more since I watched this movie. I think we have to know well about discrimination all over the world, so you had better watch it! If you want to know serious history of America, you should watch this movie.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Selma Film Review - Ayaka

Describing the film

This movie, 'Selma' was a historical movie that tells what happened in America between Negroes and white American. The director is Ava DuVernay and it was published in 2014. The story was mainly about Negroes acting to get a right to vote, Martin Luther King is the head. And this movie shows the process of how they could get a right to vote. I thought the theme of the film is 'Act for right'. If there is something important for you, you must stand for it. 'Nothing would happen unless you act, and keep acting until your wish would come true'. This is the message I thought from this film.

My opinion of the film

Since this film was a historical movie, it was difficult to understand. It used difficult words which we don't normally use in our daily lives. Some parts of movie had a scary scenes, and it scared me. But those things I saw in the film was actually happened so many times in the history. It was good to know the truth of things happened in the past. And also, acts of Negroes were really brave, so that could move people's feelings.

From this movie, I learnt it is important to go for what you think. And if I keep acting, I thought somebody who has same opinion will help me to solve the problem.