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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Lost World

"The dinosaurs are fiction and not to be present." Almost all the people in the world think like that about dinosaurs. There is a lot of clones of dinosaurs, which Mr, John Hammond made 4 years ago, in one of the island. The main characters are Dr, Ian Malcom, who also came out of the first book, and his girlfriend Dr, Sarah Harding, who is a scientist. They and other people in the group which was made by Mr, John Hammond arrived on the island and they saw a kind of dinosaur called Mamenchisaurs. Their adventure on the island started. The Lost World was written by Michael Creichton and is Science Fiction, Action and Adventure. The message from this book is don’t go against nature because of avarices such as for money or power. I would recommend this book. I read the Intermediate level and it was not too hard but there are many vocabularies which I didn’t know and also there are some pictures so we can understand easily and they make me more confident to read this book. I like some of SF and adventure stuff so I could enjoy. Dinosaurs are real creatures and fiction but it was quite real as well. The dinosaur is not real and not become real forever but even SF book, there are many message behind this story.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Book review- The lost world

The science fiction/adventure book "The Lost World" written by Michael Crichton is about a island full of cloned dinosaurs.
Sarah Harding, Malcolm and a group of other scientists arrive on the island because they are on a science expedition. As soon as they see the dinosaurs they try to survive and spend some really exciting and dangerous days on the island. The characters are very brave and adventurous which is really inspiring for me, even though I would never do the things they did.
The message behind it all is: Don´t go against nature. That means stop cloning, it can turn out really bad as you´ll see in the movie.
To be honest, for me it was quite hard to understand the book because the point of view always changes really quickly. Moreover I would prefer if the pictures that were included in "The Lost World" were colorful. I would recommend the book if you are interested in science-fiction or adventure books but I don´t like that kind of book that´s why I wouldn't read it again.
On the whole the book was entertaining and the characters were a good choice but it was very confusing for me to read it .

Monday, November 21, 2016

My Migration Story.

My name is Gurleen. I am from a beautiful country called India, it is the second largest country in the world. My family and I migrated to New Zealand in 2013.
My Dad, Mum, my brother and I moved to New Zealand to have a better life, safe environment, good education, and a good job. It was hard not to miss your country because here in NZ its a totally different world. I miss my family and friends, talking in my language, and especially street food. Street food that I missed was Pao Bhaji  and Panipuri. Panipuri is like a soft ball made out of flour so you make a whole in them and you put potatoes, some kind of sauce and then you dip it in with some spicy water and the you put the whole thing in your mouth and then eat it.

 Pao Bhaji is a dish Pao is a bun  and they cut the bun in half and toast with butter and Bhaji is a kind of like a curry so you eat it together.

New Zealand has taught me many things like having patience, don't judge, be brave, be yourself and be proud of who are and what your nationality is. Don't let anyone change you. The time that I got out of the plane, it was really nice because there was smiles, happiness, and nice people. Then the next thing was NO ENGLISH OR LITTLE ENGLISH. I knew how to speak English but the slang was hard to get. Meanwhile I saw my Uncle and Aunt and we hugged them and that kind of stuff. Then their car was small and they had to take your luggage so we had to sit outside the airport and it was cold and I was wearing thin clothes so it was really cold for me but that was a good experience.

The first day of my school was okay. A little English helped me to get through the day. I had no friends for a few days but it was okay I think but after I made many.  The time passed by and now I can speak to anyone in English and I have many friends now. So my advice is to have patience, be brave and don't change yourself.


My Migration Story

My name is Aljeah and I am 13 years old and I'm from a country where it has the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Philippines. Philippines is a great country for me because everyone is hospitable to each other. When I was 10, I migrated to New Zealand because my Dad's job was moved to New Zealand so he decided to make us live in New Zealand. So far, I like it because this country has given me lots of opportunities and a lot of new friends that I've made throughout the years. I've been in New Zealand for 4 years now, and those 4 years has changed a lot of things. I still miss my home country because I still have all of my family in there and all the food that we use to eat, but hopefully, a time has come where I will have a vacation to  my country.

When I first came to New Zealand, I created new friends, I had better education  and my Mum and Dad had better jobs than before. My education in the Philippines was ok but it was just too expensive for us to pay, my Mum back then didn't had any job, but she was given an opportunity here in New Zealand. I had great experiences in New Zealand, I've experienced playing sports on interschool from intermediate, I've played badminton and basketball. I am still trying to get into a team in NPGHS but I'm still hoping for the best. We have been to a lot of green spaces and parks, we have been relaxed ever since we came here but everyone was stressed out about student loans, electric bills, etc. I have missed a lot of things about the Philippines, I miss my friends, family, food, and some stores that New Zealand doesn't have. I felt scared when I first came here because I didn't know how to speak English that well and most of my classmates were Kiwis, none of them were a Filipino, but after that I became comfortable with the people around me. My advice for people that are migrating to a new country is to make use of opportunities, and make goals that you can work hard towards, most of all enjoy making new friends and have fun on your new country, just don't forget your original language because it will be pretty hard forgetting it.

Story of my Life

My name is Mridula. I am from India. I left India on the 31 of December 2012. I came here with my mother and brother when I was 9. I came to new Zealand because of the schooling, it was safe here and for a easier life for us. My first day here was on the 3 of January 2013. My new year's was in the plane and that was my first time going somewhere further away than my grandparent's house. When we arrived my uncle and aunty were there to get us. It was weird because it was so hot. When we got New Plymouth I started thinking of all the things I missed like everyone I know because it became really hard to talk to people, the food, the everyday talks, people giving me things and I could name a lot more. I miss my country which was a home. You know when you move to some other country and get a new home but where you were born and where you grew up will always be your home, your first and last one. The advice I would give you is just be yourself and if they can't understand you they don't deserve you. Everything happens for a reason that you just don't understand.

thank you

My Story - Cha-Nel

My name is Cha-Nel and I'm from South Africa. I was born there and lived there my whole life, until I was 13 years old and my family and I migrated to New Zealand.

Before I even arrived here, I was so anxious, because I thought I could never speak English and that I'd never fit in. It therefore put a lot of pressure on me.

 Of course we all have our expectations of everything unfamiliar to us. When we arrived in New Zealand, it was the most beautiful greenest place, (I'm lucky to have come and lived here).
My dad got offered a job, which worked out perfectly, because my brother and I are young enough to learn a new language and the support here in New Zealand is very good. There are a lot of advantages living in New Zealand: lots and lots of support, you'd meet a lot of people from all over the world, good opportunities, the people here accept you for who you are, where in South Africa people care to what school you came from and the house you live in.

There are also a few disadvantages: you miss your friends and family, there are a few earthquakes now and then and also there's always that one good, food you can't get anywhere in New Zealand.
On my first day of school here in New Zealand, it was really hard and stressful. It was a hot day and I had to run all over the place to get where I had to and in the day when I finally had some alone time I cried the whole time which is normal. With English as your second language and you're in a place where almost the whole of New Zealand is English, it can put a lot of pressure on you.

If you're going to a new country it can be all the bad feelings, but don't let it get to you. Take things one at a time and then you won't feel pressured as I did.

And always ask for help!  

My Migration Story

This story is about myself migrating to New Zealand. 2013, our family moved from South Korea to New Zealand. I was only 10 years old (NZ age) or 11 years old (Korean age) when I came to New Zealand. The reasons why we came to New Zealand were to get better education and have a less busy life because I had to go to lots of academies and study more. I also had lots of positive thoughts about NZ like, there's less studying, nice people and I also thought that I can learn to be brave. That's what my thoughts about NZ were.
But not everything was easy. When I first went to school. It was very hard to understand that they were talking and it was frustrating. I also wanted to go back to Korea so that I did not get stressed about learning other language and feel like I'm left out. Fortunately, I met some friends that helped me a lot when I first came to NZ and couldn't speak English well. It is still hard to speak English as well as the other people and I still get stressed about my tests/exams and English subjects. I feel little bad when I get not many good test results but I try not to think about it.
When I hear someone saying that my stress is not even a big deal, I always tell them that it doesn't mean that I should not get stressed just because other people do harder stuff. In  addition, I don't like studying or doing what people tell me to do but I thought that the blending to other people is the key to making friends. So I always remember to understand other people when I feel bad. My advice about migrating to a new country is to work hard, understand people and be patient then you'll get a better life and mind thank you.