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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Visit to Parihaka

Kia ora. Yesterday the International students and the Te Reo Maori students at NPGHS teamed up for a visit to Parihaka , a Taranaki marae for the day. The students had a great time and enjoyed learning about Maori culture and about the history of the area.
Their conduct was superb and the singing was very good too! A big thank you to Matua Brown, Mrs. Bingham and Mrs. Julian for their support. Also a huge thank you to the staff out at Parihaka who made us feel so welcome, taught us so much and fed us so well.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whale rider

Pai is a brave girl,she never gave up any chances to show Koro herself. One time, she dived into water in order to get the whale's tooth. When Koro taught boys to sing Maori songs.Pai was also there, Koro asked her to go back and stop it. Pai thought she can do it. Show Pai was full of confidence and she wanted to prove herself. In the other hand, because of this event, we can know Pai is a girl who is really self-confident. This girl believes she can be a good chief. Pai is the main character in this movie.F ate let her mom and brother die,she become is hot issue of peopele.They want a boy but she is a gril. When she grow up she wants to learn to be a cheif. At last she calls the whales and proves herself to others. The hints of the whole movie are talking about Pai. Pai let this movie be colourful, this is Pai's influence. BY:Chen Chen

Paikea the new chief

For this essay I am going to discuss about the character "Paikea or Pai" from the movie "Whalerider" by Niki Caro. Pai is the main character of the film, the movie revolves around her.Pai is very important in the film not only because she is the next chief but also because she symbolises that a leader can come from anyone. Paikea or Pai is the descendant of the Whalerider also named Paikea, she is the daughter of Pourorangi and the grandaughter of Koro and Nanny Flowers. All of her life she sees herself as being 'not enough' because her grandfather , Koro, cannot see her as the new generation's chief. Though her grandfather cannot see it, she possesses the characteristcs of a great chief such as bravery, cleverness and the passion for her culture. This is seen various times in the movie but the part that had an impact on me was when she rode the chief whale to sea to save the whales that had beached themselves. The other scene was when she did her speech without Koro even though the speech was meant for him , we see her crying and sobbing while doing her speech but she was brave enough to finish it. When Pai rode the whale out to sea only then did her grandfather realise his mistake for denying her of the role she was meant to take over. We see that when Nanny Flowers gives him the tooth he asks "Which one?" making Nanny Flowers reply "What do you mean which one" then she leaves and we see him stare at the direction the chief whale was going. Pai was ready to die because she knew that riding the whale out to the vast ocean was suicidal but she did it because they believe that the whales are their ancestors and are important. We see that in the next scene when she and her grandfather are now in a hospital room and that Pai is now wearing the whale tooth meaning her grandfather now accepts her as the new chief. Anjelika
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In my essay I am going to describe Paikea an important character in whalerider by Niki Caro. I am going to explain why she is important in the text. Paikia is brave girl. For example,when she dived into the sea to save a whale,I think she realised that she could have died. This scene impressed me because she has courage to dive into the sea. Another example is when she hears the whale's voices from the sea while she was going back to home with her father, she said "stop the car" to her father and she went to back to the grandparent's house. I think she is suitable to be chief. She is important in the text because she is going to be chief. I wonder why the women are not allowed to be chief. I impressed with the scene when Paikia was speaking and she was crying. Ai

Whalerider opal

In my essay I am going to describe Pai an important character in Whalerider by Niki Caro. I am going to explain why she is important in the film. Paikea Apirana is the main character. I like Paikea, she is brave and believes in herself. Another thing that made me like her is she's a little bit naughty but she has reason in her mind, and she thinks it not her fault that her twin brother died instead of her. One part of the film that shows me she is the brave girl is when she jumped down to get necklace and returned it to Koro. She such a confident girl, she does exactly what she thinks. Paikea is an important character bacause she is going to be a chief. At the first part of the film I feel angry at Koro bacause it not fair that a girl can't be a chief but Paikea did well very well as she proved to him that a girl can be a chief.
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Photo by s@ilor In my essay I am going to describe Paikea, an important character in whalerider by Niki Caro. I am going to explain why she is important in this film. She is brave. For example, she dives into the sea to get whale's tooth. She dives because she wants her grandfather to consider as a leader. Another example is when she did the speech. She did it in front of many people and she speaks to an empty seat which she reserved for her grandfather. I think it is brave. She is also strong. For example, when her grandfather refuses her as a leader, she still wants to be a leader. And she loves her grandfather even if he doesn't recognise her. She knows he is very kind person and he is just too strict because of the rules. So I think she is very important character in this film because she is the main character. And I think she is very kind and strong person. I really like her character.K

whalerider essay

In my essay,Im going to describe paikea an important character in whalerider by Niki Cari.Im going to explain why she is important in this film. I think she is very strong even though she is just girl! That is the only reason her grandfather-koro has never recognised her as a leader. but she still respects her grandfather,and never given up to be a leader. and she is also brave. she jumped into the ocean to geet whaletooth that any boys couldnt get. She got it with clay fish extra ,and proved herself that she could be a leader to her grandfather. I have no idea why she love her grumpy grandfather. But she knows how her grandfater is kind and love her. I love her because she beleives herself that could be a leader! She is imporatant in this film becuase she is main charcter,and she leads the story.
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Paikea (Whale Rider Essay)

In my essay I am going to describe Paikea an important character in Whale Rider by Niki Caro. I am going to explain why she is important in the film. Paikea is important to this film because she is a brave and confident person to be a chief. This is shown when she gets the whale tooth under the sea and then when she sat on the front of the waka. this is also shown when she doesn't followed her Koro, Koro was angry with her. She proved she could be a chief by jumping under the sea and when she wanted to learn to use the taiha. Her uncle taught her how to use it, but Koro didn't see Paikea's leadership for our generation, until suddenly Nanny says to Koro that Paikea gets the Whale Tooth. When she did her speech it was very sad and she talked about her life but she was crying because her Koro did not attend her speech because koro saw the Whales crying Koro says is "Who is Blame?". After all Koro was glad because Paikea's did her best to be a LEADER!! She is imporant in the film because she has shown her bravery and she did her best. - Jonnie
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Friday, August 10, 2012

New Students Year 10 - Welcome

We wish a warm welcome to our two new Year 10 students. From the Phillipines and China. We hope you enjoy your time with us at NPGHS.