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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Oakura Beach Memories

In New Zealand I remember going to Oakura beach. I came to NZ in January. I enjoyed going to the beach. My host family and I went to the beach. The black sand was different to Japan. I picked up shells. I saw surfers and walkers. It was fun.

My farewell

Hi there! It has turned to autumn here in New Zealand. How’s everything going in Japan? Are cherry blossoms beautiful now? I guess they are.

Last weekend, I went to the Aquatic Center with my host mother and host sister. There is a big pool and 2 kinds of water slides and more fun things. My host sister and I enjoyed the water slides a lot. It was really fun and I like it, so my host mother will take me there this Saturday!

On the 1st of April, we had a farewell party at the hostel for 4 Japanese girls who are going to leave here this term including me. All international students and teachers for international students came for us and we had a very great time. We also got Attendance Award and some gifts from school.

On the same day, I went to a quiz night held at church with my host family. We dressed as characters from the movie Mr. Incredible. I wore a red sleeveless shirt with a logo, black t-shirt, and black mask. It was all hand made by my host mother and host sister.  Every team had their theme and they had to dress up. It was kind of like Halloween. We answered a lot of questions and competed with other teams. It was difficult to understand the questions a little bit for me, but I enjoyed it.

On Saturday, 2 of Japanese girls left here finally. I went to the airport to say good-bye. I was very sad though both of them are from Tokyo and I can meet them in Japan. Other friends came to the airport too.

My Korean friend called Stella made us a video of our memories with a message for each of us.  She is learning Japanese for herself so she wrote a message in Japanese. It was one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen, and every Japanese girl was crying.

I’m very surprised because this would be the last report that I’m writing. The time goes by really quickly. I can’t believe that I spent 2 and half months in New Zealand. I love here, and I wish I could come back again! See you!


Friday, April 01, 2016

Farewell to our Japanese Students

Too soon it is time to say goodbye to our wonderful Japanese students. Safe travels to you all. We wish you all the best for the start of your new school year in Japan.