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Monday, March 26, 2012

Myself, My Culture - presentations

The junior students have been working hard on their 'Myself, My Culture' projects this term. They had to use their information, English, cooperation and design skills to complete the work. The oral presentations were last week. Well done everyone on excellent display boards and awesome speaking. The boards are being displayed in the library until the end of term. Congratulations on a top job students!
Ms Kindler

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Join Hands for Japan

Last Sunday a few of the International students participated in 'Join Hands for Japan' The event was to raise money for the Save the Children fund on the first anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. We all joined hands along the walkway and had two minutes silence to remember those who have suffered and lost lives.

Well done for being there students and helping those still suffering in Japan.

Friday, March 02, 2012



I want to write about "ATHLETIC SPORTS".

It was held on Tuesday.

I heard that athletic sports is very loud!
so I was excited*

The day,it was raining the whole time!
So it was very cold...

I'm in AOTEA.
so, we painted my face with red ink!
The leaders are such funny people, I think(^^*)/

They wore SUPERMAN's costumes!
Very cool!!!

I joined walking with my friends.
It stopped raining,but we started walking
it started raining again(++:)

So we got wet...
It was verrrry cold!

But we had good time while walking*

And I took pictures with my classmates.
I was very happy(^^#)/

After that,
we talked and danced!

ATHLETIC SPORTS is my good memory in New Zealand(^^*)/


Swimming Sports 2012

On 24th of February 2012, We had swimming sports at school and every body wore the house colours. I had fun and was so excited about swimming sports. The weather it was not so good because it was always raining and after that sunshine. I'm interested when every house colours came out and danced. At the swimming sports I saw all swimmers swimming very fast. I didn't swim because the swimming pool was so cold and that day it was very cold! Everyone cheered very loud and danced all day. I'm so happy and had so much fun!


SWIM swim SWIM day! 2012

hello(^^)/ I am Madoka.
Today I report about the swimming sports!

me karin ai

It was rainy in the morning.So it was very cold
but evryone didn't care\(^^)/

I swam 100M free style in the rain...
It was very cold!!
I jumped into water like ice.
I swam my best in the ice!

My result was not good,
But I tried my best, so it's Ok!

The house leader, they were very funny!
and powerful
I am in AOTEA.

The AOTEA's leader's voice was very beautiful.

We shouted,sang,danced and swam!

It was a really, really nice day!


28 of february we had athletics sports!
That is super fun, it is my first and I saw a big staduim :)
I expected to be bored but it was very enjoyable and the people were very energetic and danced the Dancing Queen. They danced til' they dropped. They had a different colour in each team that is very beautiful to see. I love the costume of each group <3, That is enjoyable if the rain doesn't go on because all of the contestants we join in..

My team is Tainiu ( Green Team ).
In atlethics sport my team is the winner :) I loved it and I super duper enjoyed it !
That is my first time and I saw the different sports like running and many more.
In the philppines it is called the intramurals, sports like the net ball games .


Swimming Sports 2012

On 24th Febuary 2012,We had swimming sports at NPGHS. In the morning it was raining but the competition was still on. I was so excited to see because it is first time for me. On that day we had to wear the dress of house colours. I am in Tainui(green). On that day I didn't swim because it was very cold .I like the dance competition on that day! I had a lot of fun!


Swimming Sports 2012

On 24th February was swimming sports!
Swimming sports this year is the first time for me!
My team is Aotea! I wore red clothes!
I didn't swim but I enjoyed it because people at npghs are fun!
I was excited!The performance of four different colours was wonderful!


Anne's camp

Hi, my name is Anne and I am from Norway. 2 weeks ago I was at the year 9 camp and it was a lot of fun. The bus to the camp took 1 hour. When we arrived we ate morning tea and after the morning tea we had lots of activities. The activity was archery and it was my favorite. We also had across the rope and fill up the bucket. We went to our tents to unpack and make the tents ready for the night. We had a BBQ for dinner and it tasted good. After dinner we had a competition between the tutor groups. It was a triathon and we came second place. When it was dark we went into the forest, where the year 13s were to scare us, and it was scary because we could not see anything.

The next day we ate breakfast and than we unpacked our tents and had activities. We had to clean the camp because we were the last ones there and that was very boring. Than we took the tents down and played a game on a hill. After that we went to school and then home. It was a very good camp and I would love to do it again.