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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Self Saucing Pudding - Baking

Microwave Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding in a Cup

1.      In a cup combine
  • 1.5 tbsp self-raising flour
  • 1.5 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1.5 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1.5 tbsp milk
  • 1.5 tbsp oil
  • ½ egg
2.      spoon mix until smooth.

3.      Sprinkle
  • 1/2 tbsp cocoa
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
on top, then carefully pour on
  • 1 tbsp hot water.
Put it on a saucer—it might overflow—and microwave for 1 minute. Time may vary based on the power of your microwave, try less if this doesn't work for you. You want it to look cakey on top but still be liquid underneath.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Lost World

"The Lost World" is an action fantasy novel which I have read. I also watched the second movie of  "Jurassic Park" from the book. It is about some scientists from two companies who went on a deserted island to find the dead dinosaurs. People with two different purposes, comfirmed dinsaours were still extinct, another was to find and clone them for experiments. After I read this novel , I got a message that we should respect nature, do not copy or clone, because it might bring danger to us. I think this book is not really easy, because I did not completely get all the plots when I read it the first time. We watched the movie in ESOL class, that was helpful to make me understand more. This is an interesting book, which has a lot of action parts, when the dinosaurs pushed the car down the hill, people were holding the rope and climbing, that made me nervous, then excited as I knew they were alive. My favourite character in Sarah Harding, who is brave and wise. Many times she saved her company in dangerous times. In conclusion, I would tell you this is a good book to read, it will let you feel that you are really in the forest with dinosaurs.

by Maymay

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Lost World Book Review by Enlyne

The title of the film "The Lost World" is directed by Steven Spielberg. The film contains a lot of adventure. Even though the film was science fiction it looked real, even though dinosaurs are not alive today. As I noticed in the film there is one camera angle that's showing the main animal in the movie which is the dinosaur it always shows from below his body so the animal can look humongous on the screen.

The movie is about  two companies that are trying to take dinosaurs from extinction and also to stay away from them. The name of the companies were inGen and ..... they live on an island somewhere around Costa Rica called Isla Sorna. One of the companies are trying to get rid of the dinosaurs and the other one is trying to stay away from so them can learn to live by itself to have its freedom.

Low  Angle shot:
One of the techniques used in the movie was the low angle shot. The low angle shot is used when trying to make something look bigger from below. It is a camera angle used only on the ground when trying to make something look bigger when shown on the screen when watching the movie. One of the examples in the movie is when Doctor Malcom and Sarah Harding were at the port and the ship was moving to fast because the dinosaur ate all the people in the ship and they all died so the ship had no one to control. When the ship crashed onto the harbour the dinosaur was locked up under the ship. There was this big opening that the dinosaur was kept in and one of the port officers saw the opening trying to open. He took the switch and pushed the red button and the door opened and that is when the dinosaur came out of its hiding and it stood up strong and tall and that is when the low angle shot comes in. I could actually see the dinosaur really big on the screen because of the low angle shot.
I don't think the movie makers made it successfully to earn their camera angles especially the low  angle shot I think they would've put more effort with their camera shooting.

The theme of the movie:
In my opinion I think the message is trying to tell the people that dinosaurs can not only be extinct if we look after them very well because they can live for themselves. The only reason why humans try to kill them is because they may be dangerous especially the T-rex and others that are carnivores. Most of the dinosaurs are not that dangerous because most of them are vegetarians. Another reason why people kill dinosaurs is because they can be good for history research.

Medium Long Shot:
One of the other techniques used in this movie was the medium long shot. The medium long shot is when someone is trying to capture a good clear image and he/she zooms in and stops at a certain amount of space between the object and the camera so it can get a really good clear look of the object when it passes by or when it goes over or under. One of the examples used in the film is when during the last minutes of the movie the movie showed all the dinosaurs that were back at the Isla Sorna island where they were kept. That is when the medium long shot comes in and shows all the creatures walking slowly across the camera and the medium long shot gave the viewers a really good clear image to see so they can see whats happening in the movie.

I really enjoyed the film. It was really easy to understand that there are two companies. One of the companies are trying to play around with nature to use dinosaurs as historical use in the museum. And another company is trying to save the dinosaurs from the other company.

High angle:
The high angle is when there is a shot which the subject is photographed/filmed from above.
An example in the movie was when doctor Malcolm and his daughter and the others were on the island and they saw a helicopter from above, that is when the high angle shot comes in, it is taken from above the ground.

I think I the scenes and images in the movie are average. Maybe its because its an old film and the movie only is based on the main images in the movie or the scenes because they were not really easy to understand Eg: Why is this image here in this scene and why is this image there in that scene.

Close Up:
the close up angle is when the camera gets close to the subject and it tries to make the image clearer and so everybody that's watching the movie can see what's exactly happening in the movie. In the movie... a very good example was when the bad company came to the island near Costa Rica (Isla Sorna) and they were chasing the dinosaurs and there were two men in a mini little cool car. They were chasing the dinosaur and they were getting closer, as they were going closer the close up and of the camera came closer so the audience can get a good look at the dinosaurs.

I like this film but I also thought this film can not be this short. The only reason why I think it was short because I think it can only be used in class when watching the movie because if the movie was longer, the students would write a long paragraph like what I just did. So I think its better if the film was shorter. The character that I like in the movie is doctor Malcolm. It's because he is tryingo save the dinosaurs and that's kind. I liked how he treated his daughter with good care and how he's just a really good person in the movie.

To conclude I would like to say how much I really love this movie and how I got to write a short story about it. I think this film could be a really good movie for a dinosaur encyclopedia in schools.

The Lost World by Atelaite

The film is called The Lost World, and the directors name is Steven Spielberg. I think the film, The Lost World, is quite a very exciting and dramatic movie for me. The film is kind of like a historical adventure, and little moments of some frightening and surprising bits too.

The Lost World is about the different types of Dinosaurs in the film and it clearly shows which dinosaurs are herbivores and which other ones are carnivores. The theme of the film is a bit scary and kind of frightening, well to me it was because on some parts the dinosaurs would jump out of nowhere to kill. And I think the message on this film was that dinosaurs are such terrifying reptiles and some are the most dangerous predators that have ever lived.

The Lost world was an easy film to understand because I could relate to it from watching other similar movies and films like it. I liked the images and the scenes because it really hooked me into watching the movie and the images were very encouraging.

 I like the film because it was very well directed, and I learnt some things about the dinosaurs on which what they eat and don't eat, I also liked the sound affects on the background because it made it even more interesting and wanting to keep watching it. The characters I liked best in The Lost World was Dr Malcolm's daughter, Kelly because she sneaked into the vehicle they were taking and didn't know that she would end up with bunch of terrifying dinosaurs that eat meat, and then wishing she could go back already. I would probably do the same.

The Hunger Games by Dunja

The Hunger Games, is a very interesting adventure  film. It gave me lots of interesting facts and thinking about what can happen. All people, in the other sectors, are poor and unhappy, except the Capital. In Capital lead people do not want to change everything in the other sectors. They use that like a very funny things. So they make games which are very dangerous. They take people who do not want to do that, send them into the "Hunger Games", in games where they need to survive.

This film has big message about the main character Katniss and her relationships. In the day, when they took one female and one male person from each section, unfortunately, they chose her sister. The main character, went instead of her sister. That shows sisters love for each other. Also it gives big message about how an older sister will die to save her little sister.

My opinions are that film is very difficult to understand, because the film is very different than other films. It is real picture of life and fear when she need to survive from other people. She was very clever and that's why Katniss survives. The effects in the film are very interesting. I really liked the effect in the main room for games, in the Capital. Also when there were far in the forest. My favorite character in this film is the man, who teach his staff about the game. He is not very calm but he really teach and helps them. I really liked the idea for this film and I watched it few times.

I would recommend this film, all ages. The film is very exciting and  useful for all kinds of ages.
This film is very different than others. It is very difficult to understand at the start, and it  has lots of different facts about sectors and the Capital. I recommend it to everyone. It is a great family movie.

Friday, August 07, 2015

An Awesome Film by Koharu

  ''Remember the Titans'' by Boaz Yakin

This is a sports / drama and biographical movie. The story about a American football team which is black people mixed in among white people. When black people were persecuted, this team was criticized by those around them.  One of the team's coaches Boone, who is a black man has fallen prey to the media. But they changed whatever adversity into their force. I think the message of the film is this.

The main idea of the film is the heart which is not overcome with racism and adversities. I like the film because it's right about message. Their team work taught me that we can accept whoever. I think that difference of a race, languages, folk customs and the distinction of sex shouldn't become an evil between people. Evil, persecution and discrimination are constituted when people of heart reject another one who is different from themselves.

I feel that the film has such a hard message. Because these messages are very simple, but these are essential things for human relations. It's hard to understand and practice that the answer is more and more essential and simple. For example, we've already known that war ruins people, myself and the earth but we've repeated it over and over even now. We should learn such things now.

My favourite character is a heavy guy who is one of the players. When he came into the stadium for the first time, everyone looked down on him. Me too. He knew that, however everyone including me was charmed by his humour. He always makes a cheerful atmosphere to sing and dance in the case of a serious situation. The existence is precious. I want to be such a person.

 Now we should really get the heart of acceptance and respect each other. If it were to become truth, world peace would be realised. The film taught me that we can do it.

Remember the Titans by Maki

"Wonderful" is my impression when I saw this film the first time. This title is "Remember the Titans" and it was made in 2000. Director is Boaz Yakin. This film was made in America. After this I will introduce about this film. This film is about sports / drama biography and American football. This story contents is about two cultures that have conflict. But they quit fighting through American football and be nice to each other. It's a work to be very impressed about. The film's main idea is racism. I felt this film has very deep emotion and I want to see this again. I would recommend this film to my Japanese friends.

 My opinion; This film is easy to understand for me. Becase at last scene is connected to the first scene. I like these images. Becase it's easy to understand the switch from one scene to another. This film is a very emotive movie. It warms my heart. My favorite character is Boone. He has feelings toward his students. A person with consideration for others. So I like him.

 To sum up, I think the film makes me feel the importance of that cooperation. And it is a work to be impressed about because of the part about caring of a opponent. I was impressed in the part that caused a miracle to  to understand each other through the American Football. I would like to introduce it to a lot of people And I feel I don't want racism ever again.Thank you for reading. 

Image result for remember the titans

Remember the Titans

This film is a kind of sport / drama biography. At first, black men and white men are in conflict, but they saw each others success and gradually the conflict dissapears. The film's theme (main idea) is racism.  It's meaning is that two cultures have conflict.

I think this film has a message. I think the message is that it is not good to discriminate against race, and cruel discrimination. In my opinion, this film is easy to understand, because it's character is making a distinction between races, white and black. My favorite scene is when Titans team win the opposing team, because it is cool and the scene gave me goose bumps.

I like this film because I think this film is important for the present world. That's why discrimination still remains. I want to remove discrimination from the world. So, first I will solve and close the discrimination problem. By the way, my favorite character is coach Bill Yoast, because he gradually recognizes blackmen.

In conclusion, I would recommend this film for young people, because this film is good to understand discrimination against race. I want young people to know they must not discriminate. And broaden their minds for all kinds of people.

Let's change the world together!   Thank you for reading.

By Rinka

remember the titans

Otsuma High School Visit

We have just had a wonderful visit from Otsuma High School in Japan. The students had a great time being looked after by our own Kiwi students and teachers. We look forward to seeing you next time.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Lost World

In the book The Lost World by Michael Crichton there is a lot of conflict between two companies Biosyn and InGen. Both companies have different opinions on how to treat the dinosaurs. One company wants to clone and test the dinosaurs and another wants to open a park on an island in Costa Rica far away from the mainland so that people can travel there and watch the dinosaurs. The theme of  the book was death because the people who work for the evil company had gone to the island to steal some baby dinosaurs and it didn't really work out and they got eaten but at the end the good people got home safely. I think that this book has a message to us as readers that we should not harm animals and clone them it's not right. The book had some hard words that I did not understand and didn't know how to pronounce. I did like the pictures but you can't expect it in every book you read. Conclusion the book was really interesting despite the hard words and I personally recommend it because it tells us to treat any living thing with respect.

by Anuschke

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Fly Away Home - Film Review

This kind of book is a family book. It is about a girl who lost her mother in a  car accident and she went to live with her father in Canada. The main idea is that not all are lost. This book has a message, it is do all of your dreams.
My opinion is, it is easy to understand because the words are not to hard and the pictures help to understand. I like the pictures because they help you to understand what happens . I like the book. I like the way Amy protected the geese and became their mother. I like the book because her father is worried about Amy but his concern does not show.
My conclusion: I recommend this book or movie because is enjoyable and good.
by: Macarena