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Friday, April 06, 2018

Babe - a film based on The Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith

The film is about Babe, a pig who wants to be like a sheep-dog.

Farmer Hogget wins the pig when he guesses its weight. Farmer Hogget is a sheep farmer and Mrs. Hogget wants to eat the pig for dinner.

Babe is sad because he has lost his mother so Ma, an old sheep, becomes like a mother to him.
Babe watches Fly gather the sheep. He is sad that Fly is rude to the sheep.
Babe talks to the sheep politely.
So they do what he says. 
Farmer Hogget takes him to the sheep trials in place of Fly.

The people watching laugh at Babe and everyone is surprised when Babe puts the sheep in to the pen and gets 100 points from all the judges and wins the competition. 

We liked the film because Babe is cute and very intelligent.

Flavia and Karolina

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