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Monday, September 17, 2018

Film review

'' WHALE RIDER'' is a historical movie and it's about the next chief of the ''Whale Rider''.
the theme is Love, Family, and Leader ship.This movie was bit difficult for me. Because sometimes they use Maori language and  hard words. But second time I watched this movie, I could understand it more than the first time. I think this movie  has a message for people who  watching this movie.
I think the message is ''It is very important to challenge something with courage''. I don't do it much so I think I should challenge myself for something big. I like this movie because I can learn more about Maori and there is lots of unusual culture. And it is fun to learn it too :) My favourite character in this movie is Pai's aunt. Because she loves Pai, and she's kind, and she looks strange. This movie is a very good movie. So I would like to recommend this movie to everyone.

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