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Monday, November 13, 2017

An important Character by Wako

Last week, I watched the movie called "Silent night" with other international students.  This story is about World War two and on the Christmas eve, 5 German and 2 American were in the one house. This is nearly impossible because in those days Gemany and America fought against each other so for example, if they meet in the bush, they try to kill the opponent. But on the Christmas eve, they didn't fight against each other and more than that, they helped each other to cook dinner. 

A character that I found interesting or important was the boy's mom and her name is Ellizabeth Vincken. I think she is a very strong women and without her, the boy and others could have been  killed. She didn't let any guns and weapons into home and because of that, they could only fight against each other in words, they couldn't kill because they didn't have guns.

And also, I think the German man who was not nice and mean at first, was an interesting and important character too, because he showed us that we can forgive the people who kill our family. I think when he noticed that the person in same house killed his father, he felt the strong anger inside of him but when they said good-bye to each other, they shook their hands. This is because the German man also killed Americans and other people and they had no choice to choose.

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