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Monday, November 13, 2017

Silent Night

A character that I found interesting is Private Russy, because he is all the time trying to bring the best out of the people, and he also was really striving to give the best Christmas he can do for the weakest people, and he didn’t care if that cost something  of him, Russy always put the needs of the others before his own.
I like him also because it reminds me of my brother, he’s that type of person who is always smiling and he always makes you smile too.
I found an important issue or idea raised in the movie was the humanisation because the war makes you dehumanise people, and you don’t see the the whole picture, so you don’t care if that person has family or not, you just hate them, that’s why the woman is so admirable, she does not care about the war she only sees people.

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