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Monday, November 13, 2017

Silent Night

In the film 'Silent Night' directed by 'Rodney Gibbons', a character that I found interesting and important is 'Elizabeth Vincken'. The story is about German soldiers and American soldiers they are staying in a small hut over Christmas eve 1944, where a woman and her son live. The woman decides the hut is neutral territory, all guns have to stay outside.

Elizabeth is a very strong woman. In the film she knows what she wants and does not give up until she reaches her goal. All guns have to stay outside of her house. This is a very important for the success of this situation. That makes her very important and very interesting. Now you want to know why she acts like this. Why does she try to get all this different and dangerous people altogether in her house? Why doesn't she take sides? What does she think about the war?

By Wanda

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